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I Aluminum alloy doors and windows are developing towards high-tech and multi-function. First of all, we must have newer and higher requirements for aluminum profiles to meet the development needs of new aluminum doors and windows. Therefore, choosing high-quality aluminum doors and windows is very important for the manufacturers of aluminum alloy doors and windows. 1、 Identification of marks -- manufacturers with formal or production licenses shall indicate the marks of products on the obvious parts of their aluminum alloy products, including: manufacturer name or trademark, product name, product model or mark, manufacturing date or number. There should be obvious words and signs of "moisture proof", "handle with care" and "upward" on the packing box

II. Surface quality -- the surface quality of aluminum alloy doors and windows directly affects the decorative effect of the whole wall after installation. When checking the surface quality of doors and windows, we should pay attention to the following aspects: 1. The decorative surface of doors and windows should not have obvious damage, which means that the protective film on the surface of doors and windows should not have scratch marks. 2. There should be no obvious color difference on the colored surface of adjacent components on doors and windows. 3. The surface of doors and windows shall be free of aluminum chips, burrs, oil spots or other stains, and the assembly joints shall be free of overflowing adhesives. Pay attention to the purchase of aluminum alloy doors and windows

III. size deviation. The smallest size deviation of aluminum alloy door and window frames is better. Attention should be paid to the purchase of aluminum alloy doors and windows. 4. Aluminum alloy door and window components. Aluminum alloy door and window components should be firmly connected, and corrosion-resistant filling materials should be used to seal and waterproof the connecting parts. Pay attention to the purchase of aluminum alloy doors and windows. Fifth, look at the material

the following points can be referred to in the purchase and decoration: 1 During decoration, as the process of removing windows will damage the indoor and outdoor walls, it is best to replace the doors and windows before the next step of decoration. The owner should clarify which brand of profile to choose, because the quality of the profile will determine the grade, sealing and aging resistance of the whole door and window. Buyers should not be blinded by the vague concept of "low-cost plastic doors and windows" in the market

2. When shopping, you must go to the formal building materials market. The processing equipment of roadside stalls is simple, and the accuracy and strength cannot be guaranteed at all. In particular, the plastic doors and windows made by them are of poor quality, even without steel lining, and other accessories are also very poor

3. The appearance color of plastic doors and windows shall be cyan white. If the color is too white or gray, it indicates that the stable ingredients in the material are not enough, and it is easy to age and turn yellow over time

4. Check whether the hardware is flexible and smooth

5. The lower part of the sliding window frame shall be equipped with aluminum slide rails to facilitate its replacement

6. The sealing strip of the casement window should be freely replaceable, because the service life of the sealing strip is shorter than that of the window

7. There should be a fixed piece in the middle of the sealing wool of the sliding window and window sash, which is the key to the sealing performance of the sliding window

8. During installation, the horizontal and vertical correction of doors and windows shall be supervised. The window frame and the wall shall be filled with styrofoam, and the inner and outer sides of the window frame must be sealed with silicon copper glue or sealant to prevent water seepage. After installation, the protective film must be removed, otherwise the service life of doors and windows will be reduced

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