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Xinmingpin new Chinese style is trying to tell the world the story of our east

as a representative design style in China, new Chinese design is in the ascendant. Where will it go in the future? Is it leading the world and lasting, or is it a flash in the pan? Xinmingpin new Chinese style is trying to tell the world the story of our east

in general cognition, Chinese style refers to the traditional design style, according to the line of Chinese ancient architecture; Material Science; Built by color, xinmingpin home is based on Oriental Chinese style, and combines modern elements to create a home decoration style suitable for modern people's life and aesthetics. It is not a stack of Chinese elements, but a reinterpretation of Chinese home decoration in modern times, in order to meet the requirements of modern life of people with Chinese feelings

the new Chinese series customized by xinmingpin is a popular home decoration trend with fashion elements. Young people can not only find China's 5000 year old cultural context in the new Chinese style home decoration customized by xinmingpin, but also discover the elements that are at the forefront of fashion. There are historical details, as well as young people's spirit and personality. The two are combined into one. Therefore, xinmingpin new Chinese style can also be favored and loved by many young customers

in order to solve the heavy feeling of the heavy wooden ceiling of traditional home decoration, the designer of xinmingpin changed it into a hollow design and matched it with lights, which not only retains the shape of the ceiling, but also increases the sense of permeability, which is more suitable for the aesthetics and life of modern people. There is another trend in the new Chinese style, which is simplification. Simplify, remove the complicated decoration and texture, and leave its meaning

as a new trend, how to innovate, how to retain the charm of Chinese style, and how to master the balance between the two, xinmingpin designers have been constantly exploring and groping. Xinmingpin's new Chinese full house customization has been trying to customize your exclusive




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