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Decoration additions, water and electricity, budget overruns... Were you scared by these before decoration? Is the decoration really so terrible? As the saying goes, only by knowing yourself and your enemy can you win a hundred battles. Before decoration, you need to have a general understanding of the problems in decoration, so that you won't be at a loss when dealing with them. Take notes of the following quickly

decoration additions, utilities, budget overruns &hellip& hellip; Were you scared by these before the decoration? Is the decoration really so terrible? As the saying goes, only by knowing yourself and your enemy can you win a hundred battles. Before decoration, you need to have a general understanding of the problems in decoration, so that you won't be at a loss when dealing with them. Take notes of the following quickly

a. make preparations before decoration

before decoration, preparation is very important. First of all, we should consider the decoration style and mode before decoration, and then look at the property. We must have an overall and long-term consideration before decoration, and it is best to consider the changes after three or five years

before decoration, we must accumulate more necessary decoration knowledge, and at the same time, accumulate some information about decoration companies and construction teams. It is particularly important to choose a home decoration company. Try to choose a formal and high-quality decoration company. After all, the 2-5-year after-sales warranty will make our owners feel more at ease

in addition, it is suggested that the owner should first seek professional designer information. Secondly, the decoration supervision is also a good helper for home decoration owners. The responsibility of the supervision is to help the owners check and accept the quality of decoration, avoid arbitrary charging projects, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of the owners

b, how much does it cost to decorate

the budget of home decoration roughly includes four parts: material cost, labor cost, design cost and management cost. Before making the decoration budget, the owner needs to discuss with the designer and let the designer draw the house design drawing

after the designer draws the drawings, the owner will calculate the material cost and man hour cost. Generally speaking, the material cost needs the owner to make a rough estimate according to his economic ability. First, control the total price, and then ask the price in the market. It is suggested that the owner should try to go to several building materials markets. Basically, the owner can understand the approximate price of materials by going to three building materials markets, so that he can not be fooled by building materials manufacturers. Secondly, understand the labor cost of home decoration market and calculate the labor cost

in addition, it is very necessary to choose a good designer, who will make your home decoration more reasonable. In addition, the management fee of home decoration cannot be saved. The management fee is the cost required by the decoration company to send cars and people to help buy materials, enter the site and supervise the work, and coordinate all aspects when decorating for the owner. This cost can also be coordinated and discussed with the decoration company

C. how to choose a designer

a designer is the soul of interior decoration. A qualified designer must have good design ability, design concept, art expression and other professional abilities. However, as an ordinary owner, it is difficult to distinguish these professional skills of designers in a short time, and it is easy to fall into a blind state. In fact, there are skills to follow in selecting designers

first look at the cases and works that the designer has done before. Listen to the designer's ideas on the functional zoning and layout of the room, as well as the decorative techniques he uses. In the process of talking with you, see whether the design can quickly and accurately conceive and draw the main design drawings with a pen on the building plan according to your actual situation, and explain its design intention at the same time

the deeper the interior designer knows about the price of materials and soft decoration, the more reasonable he can arrange the decoration funds of the owner, so that the decoration materials can serve the interior design, save materials and save money for the owner

d, teach you to look at the design drawings

is the proportion of the drawings reasonable? The beautiful shape on the effect drawing is often far from that on the design drawing after it is made on site. In fact, the reason is that the designer did not make the design drawings according to the construction drawings. Therefore, a design drawing must be made in strict proportion

see whether the detailed dimensions are standardized? In particular, if some key dimensions are not mastered during design, there may be a disconnection between design and construction during construction

see whether the selection of materials is clear? The name and brand of main materials shall also be marked on the design drawings

check whether the manufacturing process is marked? On the one hand, it is convenient for construction, and at the same time, it can also restrain the construction personnel from cutting corners in the construction process

finally, the owners should keep the design drawings well, which can not only be used for comparison during the final acceptance, but also be used as a basis in the future if there are problems in hydropower projects, or if they want to make important modifications

E. carefully sign decoration contracts

what kind of contract is a formal contract for family decoration? How to sign a contract to protect yourself more effectively? The reporter will tell you now

although the decoration contract may contain all kinds of traps, you can avoid falling into the trap as long as you do some homework and defy every trick you see. Determine the qualification of the company before signing the decoration contract; The contract used by both parties should be a model contract formulated by the local industrial and commercial department and other relevant departments, and the name of the relevant contractor on the contract should be consistent with the name on the business license of the decoration company; Try not to omit the items that need to be filled in after both parties reach an agreement in the contract; After the contract is signed, it must be stamped with the official seal of the decoration company

in addition, many projects are decorated by the way that the decoration company provides base materials and workers, and the owner provides some main materials. Both parties shall sign the material acceptance, and the material acceptance form should clearly mark the variety, specification, level, quantity and other relevant contents of the material

warm tips:

the decoration owner was in a mess when he received the new house key. After all, family decoration is a major event. You must first make a preliminary understanding, because the more you know in the early stage, the more helpful it will be for your family decoration in the future





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