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in today's society, the pursuit of high-quality life has become a social trend and people's fashion taste for home life. As an important part of home life, the choice of high-quality doors and windows has become one of the key links for many owners to decorate their homes, and it is also a headache for owners. In the face of a wide range of door and window brands, different types of doors and windows with different characteristics, and door and window products of different quality, I believe that owners are confused about how to choose high-quality doors and windows and what type of doors and windows to buy

now let's summarize the advantages and disadvantages of several common doors and windows:

advantages of plastic steel doors and windows:

1: good heat preservation and sound insulation

2: convenient maintenance and easy cleaning

disadvantages of plastic steel doors and windows:

1: PVC material is not rigid, and steel bars must be attached inside to increase hardness

2: the fire protection performance is slightly poor. If the fire protection requirements are relatively high, aluminum alloy materials are recommended

3: plastic steel material is brittle, heavier than aluminum alloy, and will be toxic when burned

advantages of log doors and windows:

1: precious, natural and luxurious

2: good sound insulation and heat insulation performance

disadvantages of log doors and windows:

1: expensive

2: heavy material, very high requirements for hardware, especially hinges, otherwise it is easy to deform

3: there are certain requirements and difficulties for maintenance

4: log doors and windows are not as good as aluminum doors and windows in wind pressure resistance and safety

advantages of aluminum alloy doors and windows

1: light weight, high strength, strong durability, elegant appearance

2: fast processing, easy production industrialization, convenient maintenance, and strong corrosion resistance

3: good sealing performance

disadvantages of aluminum alloy doors and windows

1: due to different production processes and materials of different manufacturers, some doors and windows of poor quality manufacturers are easy to suffer from various problems after long use, such as aluminum wear and oxidation, Plastic falling off leads to non waterproof in rainy days, and the use of low-grade and low-quality hinges leads to the door body easy to deform, etc.

2: some low-quality manufacturers have nonstandard product quality due to limited R & D and production level, backward equipment and other reasons, resulting in the doors and windows are not durable, and the after-sales service can not keep up, ultimately damaging the interests of consumers

advantages of aluminum clad wood doors and windows:

1 Indoor solid wood tamps atmosphere, natural luxury; Outdoor color aluminum weatherproof, rain proof, sun proof and corrosion proof, durable and beautiful

2. Through solid wood insulation, the effect is outstanding (wood heat conductivity is 0.01), which ensures the necessary environmental protection and energy conservation of the building

3. Solid wood is usually treated strictly by European standards and treated with professional paint, which makes it feel comfortable, environmentally friendly and healthy

4: the performance parameters are far better than pure aluminum alloy doors and windows and log doors and windows

aluminum clad doors and windows disadvantages:

1: high cost

2: there are many and complex profile manufacturing and door and window manufacturing processes, which require manufacturers to use advanced and expensive equipment for processing. Therefore, the threshold for manufacturers is high, and they need strong strength and financial support

advantages of wood clad aluminum doors and windows:

1 The aluminum alloy part of the profile is mainly stressed, which ensures the high-strength wind pressure resistance of the doors and windows (the advantages of the aluminum alloy can be brought into play)

2. The indoor solid wood decoration is luxurious, comfortable, natural and healthy, and the wood grain is gorgeous, with noble style and personality characteristics

3: the performance parameters are far better than pure aluminum alloy doors and windows and log doors and windows

wood clad aluminum doors and windows disadvantages:

1: the heat insulation method is realized through aluminum alloy bridge breaking, and then hung with solid wood. The structure and process are complex, which requires a high level of quality control for production enterprises

2: wood clad aluminum profiles also need to be manufactured by the door and window factory. The whole process of wood clad aluminum from profile production to door and window production requires expensive complete sets of equipment, complex processes, and high project threshold (ordinary door and window factories cannot do it)

it can be seen that the most fundamental reason for the popularity of aluminum wood composite doors and windows is her innate dual characteristics of "solid and weather resistant outer aluminum, natural and beautiful inner wood", followed by the low thermal conductivity of wood (0.01, which is more than ten times lower than the polymer plastic 0.15 in the middle of broken bridge aluminum alloy). Therefore, aluminum wood composite doors and windows have more market value than aluminum alloy doors and windows and can better meet the fashionable taste of owners in pursuing high-quality life. Widely applicable to various home decoration styles, it is the best choice for owners to decorate their homes

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