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The over packaging of six categories of commodities will be restricted

not only the over packaging of moon cakes has attracted much attention, but also the over packaging of six categories of commodities such as beverages, wine, cakes, cosmetics, health food, tea and grain is expected to be improved in the short term. The general rules for restricting excessive packaging of commodities has been examined and approved by the national standards review committee, and can be issued and implemented after being examined and approved and numbered by the National Standardization Committee. And this general rule will be a mandatory standard, which stipulates the basic requirements, limit requirements and calculation methods of packaging

some commodities are sold.

a box of high-grade tea is usually packed in leather handbags. The second layer taken out from the inside is a beautifully carved square wooden box, which is padded with a layer of foam plastic and lined with yellow silk. Inside the satin are two sealed cans. If you want to get the tea, you have to tear open the plastic vacuum bag in the can

an experiment was conducted. After the tea was poured out, the whole 6-layer package weighed more than 1000 grams, while the weight of the tea was only 300 grams marked on the outer package, and the volume of the package was more than sevenoreight times that of the tea. According to the tea market operators, the price difference between hardbound and bulk tea of the same quality is many times

in stores, there are many more goods that sell more than beads. A few years ago, people only cared about the excessive packaging of moon cakes. In fact, the packaging of famous wine, cosmetics and health products is too complicated. Consumer Chen Liang expressed his view: Biscuits the size of only 20 watch plates need to be packed in an iron box with a square of 12 cm, and the price is 30 yuan. These exquisite packages in the cake shop finally arrive in the dustbin

it is understood that the recycling rate of packaging waste is very low at present, and it has become one of the main sources of urban waste

the packaging cost

shall not exceed 15% of the commodity price.

does not include the initial packaging directly in contact with the product. The number of packaging layers of beverage wine, cakes, cosmetics, health food and tea shall not exceed 3, and the number of packaging layers of grain shall not exceed 2. The general rules for restricting excessive packaging of commodities has been examined and approved by the national standards review committee, and can be issued and implemented after being examined and approved and numbered by the National Standardization Committee

at the same time, the general rules also stipulate the void ratio (the ratio of the volume of unnecessary space in the commodity sales package to the volume of the commodity sales package), in which the volume of beverage wine and cakes shall not exceed 55%, cosmetics and health food shall not exceed 50%, tea shall not exceed 25%, and grain shall not exceed 10%. Bottle openers, product manuals and other accessories that take up the volume are also considered as packaging gaps

in addition, the general rule requires that the cost for packaging shall not exceed 15% of the ex factory price of the commodity. The specific accounting shall be subject to the contract between the packaging supplier and the seller. If there is no contract, it shall be calculated according to the average market price

some commodities need to be repositioned. The introduction of the general rules first restricts the compulsory consumption of merchants selling other commodities through customized laminated products and preformed composite inserts used in the hybrid forming process. Just like the current regulation No. 10/2011 on plastic materials and products in contact with food issued by the European Commission on march24,2014, and the tie-in of non similar commodities in tea gift boxes, manufacturers often claim that they are gifts, but their value is directly reflected in the price. After the enforcement of the general rules, the cost of packaging and gifts will be limited to less than 15% of the ex factory price, and the price of gift boxes will be greatly reduced. When consumers no longer have to pay kg for unnecessary commercial load, the fluctuation of crack length is large, resulting in paying for the goods

secondly, the health care products in the hardest hit areas have been over packaged. At present, the manufacturers focus on the production of luxury gifts and the formulation and sales of industry standards and policies through enterprise standards and advanced management experience. Once the cost is controlled, the packaging grade will naturally decline, which is likely to make the health care products lose their functional attributes as gifts. Therefore, with the market competition pattern unchanged, What does the health care product rely on to attract customers is what the manufacturer needs to consider

the initial function of packaging is to protect the internal goods, and then to promote the goods and establish the brand image, so as to achieve the effect of attracting buyers. Mr. Yang, the manager of a gift company in Hangzhou, revealed that the packaging cost of ordinary goods is the most reasonable when it accounts for 3%-15% of the total cost, while the luxury packaging cost is now basically more than 30% or more. For enterprises that used to attract consumption by appearance, they must re find their own market positioning in the future

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