Excessive packaging of the hottest commodities is

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Excessive packaging of commodities is also a waste.

good commodities need good packaging to win the market, but excessive packaging will backfire. Today, when the concept of economy is advocated, people should pay attention to the phenomenon of over packaging of some commodities such as tea, wine and health food

at the home of Mr. Cai, a citizen, I saw such a box of beautifully packaged gift tea. The gift box is elegantly packed and wrapped in a golden box. The tea box is tied with red silk outside, and the silk knot is untied. In front of it is an antique wooden box. Open the wooden box cover, and the box is paved with yellow silk. There are three tea boxes, two small and one large, with a total weight of 500g. In addition, a set of exquisite purple sand Gongfu tea set model is presented. It is refreshing to take apart the tea and brew it. Insiders said that the price of the tea was about 400 yuan per kilogram, but the price of the gift tea box was 880 yuan. The price difference is so great that the "wool comes from the sheep", and the exquisite packaging of the gift tea box is attached to the tea

it will be the mainstream and trend for plastic products enterprises to produce degradable environmental protection materials. It is understood that the phenomenon of over packaging such as gift tea is not uncommon for some high-end commodities such as ginseng, ginseng tea or Baijiu to add small deformation (metal extension) if the elongation of metal materials is relatively small. In the gift Baijiu area of a supermarket in the urban area, many Baijiu packaging boxes are extremely luxurious. In the gift box of a certain brand of Baijiu, in addition to two bottles of Baijiu, there is also an exquisite high-end wine glass and a high-end lighter. In the health food area, excessive packaging also exists. The packaging of some high-end health products with high prices also goes up. For example, the fuel consumption of a certain brand of American ginseng buccal tablets will also be reduced. Opening its packaging box, the American ginseng in it only accounts for about 1/5 of the whole package, and the rest of the space is occupied by a set of exquisite water cups

during the visit, many citizens shook their heads at the luxury packaging of these high-end commodities. Mr. Li and other citizens believe that these luxury packages even exceed the price of the goods themselves, and the money is wrongfully spent. It is useless to pile them up at home, even if they occupy space. Throw them away, but feel a little pity. It is really a waste. Like a gift tea box, I don't know how much wood resources to waste

at a time when saving is becoming the mainstream concept advocated by the society, the phenomenon of excessive packaging of commodities attracts people's attention. How to take positive measures to limit the phenomenon of excessive packaging of commodities is a problem that must be paid attention to and urgently solved

source: Dahua Shantou Metropolis Daily

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