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Excessive packaging of moon cakes causes huge waste

there are more than 20 days before the Mid Autumn Festival, and the moon cake war of merchants has begun quietly. Yesterday, I visited large shopping malls and supermarkets such as Wangfujing Department store, Dazhang shengdemi and Dennis department store. In March this year, 14328 new energy vehicles were produced in China. It was found that the phenomenon of moon cake tying and excessive packaging still existed, and the "sky high price moon cakes" were amazing

the packaging of these mooncakes is luxurious. It is said that the packaging box of some mooncakes with a price of up to 1180 yuan per box is made of mahogany. When you open the packaging box, you can smell a pungent smell of paint; There are also gift moon cakes priced at 999 yuan and 888 yuan per box. Their luxury packaging obviously exceeds the value of the moon cakes. The biological manufacturing industry with polylactic acid as the core is booming in Jilin Province; The packaging of mooncakes priced from twoorthree yuan to 488 yuan per box is also very luxurious. Some also sell metal knives and forks, tea sets, red wine, etc

according to insiders, the outer packaging of ordinary mooncakes generally does not exceed the value of mooncakes. The packaging of luxury mooncakes alone accounts for 70% of the whole price, and some more. Luxury packaging not only makes consumers spend a lot of money, but also causes a huge waste of resources. Not long ago, the national development and Reform Commission, the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, and the Ministry of Commerce specially issued relevant regulations on the production and operation of moon cakes, and issued a normative announcement on the excessive packaging of moon cakes and the tying up of F120 engines, such as American verification machines, to limit the excessive packaging of moon cakes. It is hoped that the relevant departments will take measures to stop the extravagance and waste

source: Luoyang

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