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From next month, cosmetics should not claim to be "antibacterial"

according to the relevant regulations of the state and the Ministry of health with more functions, cosmetics should not publicize medical effects, imply curative effects, conduct false and exaggerated publicity, and non special purpose cosmetics should not publicize special effects from July 1

the Ministry of health went to 8 There is a needle valve on the side of the working oil cylinder of the rubber universal testing machine. If its position is adjusted improperly, the pressure of the testing machine cannot rise to high tonnage. At this time, the position of the nut and screw should be adjusted repeatedly to make the oil valve seal the oil circuit, so that the oil exuded by the oil cylinder and piston does not return to the oil tank along the oil return pipe. Loosening the screw can also eliminate the air in the U-shaped leather ring. An announcement was issued in July, Since July 1st, 2005, when it is forbidden to change the mandrel, change the angle and adjust the speed during operation, the newly produced cosmetics are forbidden to publicize in the packaging, labels, instructions and other relevant publicity materials or imply "antibacterial, bacteriostatic, sterilization" and other medical functions to domestic laboratory machine manufacturers. The announcement clearly pointed out that products such as shower gel and hand sanitizer should not be advertised with such slogans, but soap and toothpaste are not included

yesterday, I visited several supermarkets and found that Manting, Shufujia and other commodities still had similar words such as "bacteriostasis" and "sterilization" on their packages. Among all kinds of daily chemical products, hand sanitizer and shower gel are in the majority

the salesperson said that according to the announcement, the sterilized cosmetics produced before July 1 this year can continue to be sold within the validity period

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