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Corrugated boxes for industrial product packaging "Zhejiang standard" passed the Review

release date: Source: China quality, Zhejiang hope Packaging Co., Ltd.

in order to improve the product characteristics of cartons and fill the domestic standard weight, it is the spring to change the manufacturer's secrets of the experimental machine: which aspects can judge the quality of the experimental machine? Introduce the gap of metal limits, which is led by Shaoxing Institute of standardization, Starting from Zhejiang hope Packaging Co., Ltd., we will have a leading market position and good industrial dynamics. The "made in Zhejiang" standard review meeting of "tiles for industrial product packaging sometimes fail to add the maximum load or unload corrugated boxes in the loading process" will be held in Zhejiang hope Packaging Co., Ltd. on April 28, 2020

the group standard successfully passed the Review

since the establishment of the group standard "corrugated boxes for industrial product packaging" in October 2019, it has passed many links, such as standard development, opinion solicitation, standard revision and so on. As the epidemic prevention and control work has achieved phased important results, and the evaluation work has gradually normalized, the Yuecheng Market Supervision Bureau contacted the Zhejiang brand building Federation at the first time to submit the evaluation application to speed up the project progress

on April 28, the "made in Zhejiang" standard review meeting of corrugated boxes for industrial product packaging was held in Zhejiang hope Packaging Co., Ltd. Relevant principals from Zhejiang Standardization Research Institute, national packaging Standardization Technical Committee, China Quality Certification Center, Shaoxing quality and technical supervision and testing institute, paper packaging industry expert team, and Yueyue district market supervision bureau attended the meeting

at the meeting, the standard preparation team introduced the development of the standard and explained the draft standard in detail in combination with progressiveness, particularity and differences. The participating experts discussed, questioned and reviewed the standards one by one, and put forward their opinions on the progressiveness of technical indicators involved in the standards, standard structure, standard writing specifications, etc. The meeting unanimously agreed that the standard passed the review, and the standard also became the first "Zhejiang standard" that successfully passed the review after the epidemic in Shaoxing

the technical indicators have reached the international leading level

it is reported that the group standard of corrugated box for industrial product packaging is mainly based on gb/t 6543-2008 single corrugated box and double corrugated box for transportation packaging, combined with the purchase requirements of ASTM standard d5639/d5639m and AkzoNobel in the Netherlands and other high-end customers

the standard adds the requirements of water absorption and the limit value of heavy metals (Pb, CD, Hg, cr6+) which should be less than or equal to 0.1%. At the same time, the main technical indicators such as bursting strength, edge compression strength, bonding strength, empty box compressive strength and so on are raised to the domestic first-class and international leading level, which can be verified and detected. The test method is supported by relevant standards, which can be transformed into Certification Implementation Rules and has strong operability

the formulation, release and implementation of this standard will standardize the design and manufacturing of corrugated boxes for industrial product packaging, effectively meet the market demand based on environmental protection and cost, reduce the gram weight of corrugated base paper, develop low quantitative products to avoid damaging IC electronic parts and high-strength corrugated packaging products, and is of great significance to guide the carton industry to gradually develop to medium and high grades and improve the brand image of "made in Zhejiang"

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