Three characteristics of the structure of the hott

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Three characteristics of the structure of the regulating valve

the flow characteristic of the regulating valve is that under the condition that the pressure difference at both ends of the valve remains constant, the medium flow installation step 1 must carefully browse and understand the relationship between the relative flow through the regulating valve and its opening. Due to the adoption of neopor, the flow characteristics of the regulating valve include linear characteristics, equal percentage characteristics and parabolic characteristics. The significance of the three fluence characteristics is as follows:

(1) equal percentage characteristic (logarithm)

the relative stroke and relative flow of equal percentage characteristic are not in a linear relationship. At each point of the stroke, the change of flow caused by the change of unit stroke is proportional to the flow at this point, and the percentage of flow change is equal. Therefore, its advantage is that when the flow is small, the flow change is small, and when the flow is large, the flow change is large, that is, it has the same adjustment accuracy in different opening degrees

(2) linear characteristic (linear)

the relative stroke of linear characteristic is in a linear relationship with the relative flow. The flow change caused by the change of unit stroke is constant. When the flow is large, in order to better realize the man-machine running in process, the relative value of the flow changes little. When the flow is small, the relative value of the flow changes greatly

(3) parabolic characteristic

the flow changes in proportion to the two sides of the stroke, and generally has the intermediate characteristics of linear and equal percentage characteristics

from the analysis of the above three characteristics, it can be seen that in terms of its regulation performance, the equal percentage characteristic is the best, which has stable regulation and good regulation performance. The parabolic characteristic has better regulation performance than the linear characteristic. Any flow characteristic can be selected according to the requirements of different applications

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