COSCO Kansai won the top ten anticorrosive coating

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COSCO Kansai won the top ten anti-corrosion paint brands in China again

COSCO Kansai won the top ten anti-corrosion paint brands in China again

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Introduction: on July 26, 2012, the paint peak forum with the theme of innovation, harmony, and influence and the 2011 award ceremony of the top ten Chinese paint brands were grandly held in diaoyutaistateguesthouse in Beijing, More than 300 domestic and foreign paint manufacturers and dealers came to the scene in person and witnessed the 18 month research project with media representatives using high-end epoxy resin Araldite

on July 26th, 2012, the paint summit forum with the theme of "innovation, harmony, and influence" and the 2011 China top ten paint brand selection and award ceremony were grandly held in diaoyutaistateguesthouse in Beijing. More than 300 domestic and foreign paint manufacturers and dealers attended the scene and witnessed the birth of the top ten awards with media representatives

since the annual "top ten brands in China's coating industry" was first held in 2004, it has been recognized as an important weighing standard for the influence and brand activity of Chinese coating enterprises

COSCO Kansai won the top ten anti-corrosion paint brands in China again.

this year's top ten selection still adheres to the previous strict selection style. After six stages of selection, including networking, SMS, offline voting primary selection and professional jury review and assessment, COSCO Kansai Paint Chemical Co., Ltd. finally came to the fore and won the title of "2011 China's top ten anti-corrosion paint brands". This is the third time that COSCO Kansai has won this honor in a row

Mr. muchengquan, manager of COSCO Kansai market planning department, took the stage to receive the award on behalf of the company and expressed his gratitude to our customers and experts, "Thank you for your recognition of COSCO Kansai. COSCO Kansai will continue to look for new advantages in enterprise development and provide customers with high-quality products and professional services.

after years of operation, COSCO Kansai has not only established its first position in the container coating market, but also formed three business areas: container coating, marine coating and industrial anti-corrosion coating. In 2011, COSCO Kansai maintained a stable position in the field of large steel structure bridges With a strong development momentum, it has won ten bridge corrosion prevention projects in a row, becoming the enterprise with the most fluorocarbon performance of large river and sea crossing bridges (steel structure with steel consumption of more than 10000 tons), and has undertaken a total of nearly 300000 tons of steel structures. In the field of wind power, after the introduction of fluorocarbon coatings for wind power towers in 2010, fluorocarbon coatings for high-performance, ice resistant wind power blades have been successfully developed, once again taking science and technology as the guide to achieve an important breakthrough. In addition, the environmentally friendly water-based coating products independently developed by the company have also been widely used in containers, large storage tanks, automotive engines, nuclear power plants and other projects, and have formed a series of environmentally friendly anti-corrosion coatings

winning the "2011 China's top ten anti-corrosion coatings systematic supply side conditioning system still to be cultivated" for three times is an affirmation of COSCO Kansai, which will also spur COSCO Kansai to develop in a better and faster direction in the future. In the next step, COSCO Kansai will continue to consolidate its leading position in the anti-corrosion coating industry, develop more and better products, and work with well-known coating enterprises at home and abroad to expand and strengthen China's coating industry

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