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Multi layer coextrusion superposition head

the key of multi-layer coextrusion lies in the performance of the head, because the head is the key in the whole extrusion molding of blown film, extrusion and pipe. It is the last forming device. If the nose is not good, this unit has no significance

I. shortcomings of traditional handpieces

the traditional head structure can only be used for three-layer coextrusion, and five layers are barely available. However, due to the long flow channel, ouyangming said that there was a great difference between the inner and outer flow channels, and the outer layer made the material very easy to degrade, causing the trouble of often disassembling and cleaning the machine head. Even if one layer of material is degraded, the whole machine head needs to be disassembled and cleaned, and the pressure and flow rate of each layer of channel cannot be adjusted. Therefore, it affects the surface tension of each layer and is easy to produce peeling phenomenon; The temperature of each layer of the traditional machine head cannot be controlled separately, but can only be set according to the maximum material solution temperature, which is extremely unfavorable to low-temperature materials; Due to the limitation of the structure, the circular deviation of each layer of the traditional machine head is large. In particular, the tree ester with high price can not meet the requirements of very thin thickness; It is difficult to adopt internal cooling for the traditional machine head, which affects the output and transparency

II. Advantages of the new stacking head

the biggest feature of the multi-layer coextrusion stacking head is that the number of layers can be combined arbitrarily, which reduces the tuition and miscellaneous expenses and avoids a large amount of equipment investment

the temperature of each layer of the multi-layer coextrusion superposition head can be controlled independently, the flow channel is short, and the materials are not easy to decompose, which greatly reduces the number of times of cleaning the head. In addition, it is convenient to disassemble and clean. You can disassemble whichever layer has paste without disassembling all of it

multi layer coextrusion superposition machine head, each layer of circumference is layered clearly and evenly, and the lubricant can seal some exposed parts up to 3 μ m。

multi-layer coextrusion superposition head, the core rod inside the head can control the temperature, and internal cooling device can be added

the multi-layer coextrusion superposition head system is considered to be relatively perfect. According to the different flow channels of the head, the screw extrusion shear is different. With a long flow channel, the screw shear is smaller, and with the gradual shortening of the flow channel, the screw shear increases. Due to the different viscosity, melting point and flow characteristics of each layer of material, the interfacial tension of each layer can meet certain standard requirements, that is, the pressure of each layer of material flow path can be adjusted. Even if the thickness ratio of adjacent two layers is very different, the thin layer can be very uniform. In this way, the complete extrusion system can be guaranteed

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