Hottest natural rubber Review April 30

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Natural rubber review (April 30)

the price of natural rubber opened low and went high on Friday, and we vaguely saw the signal of the empty side leaving the market

funds continue to move towards the far month, and the arrival of the long holiday may cause the main monthly positions to shrink rapidly again today

those with faulty or open fundamentals should be re welded. In addition to the political turmoil in Thailand, there is news in Thailand that the high temperature will continue to maintain, which may inhibit the production of rubber

the spot price continued to maintain, and there was no significant decline. The average transaction price remained at 21008 yuan, while the import CIF quotation in Qingdao free trade zone also remained at the level of the 26th. The recent decline in spot prices has shown the support of the market

we believe that although the price continues to be in the correction trend in the near future, the bull market pattern has not changed, and the range of decline will become limited. At present, the support level of 20500 yuan has become a more critical technical point. The market will hover above it. Investors can choose to enter the market at the point where the short side of 0707 contract will reduce its holdings and 0 will not be captured by them when the price rises in the next few days

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