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My1089 [computerex 2019] industrial control innovative application launched with three arrows

to welcome the global science and technology event computerex Taipei Computer Exhibition. APACER Yuzhan technology, the world's leading industrial control storage brand, with the theme of "leveraging intelligent connectivity", for the first time has solved industrial storage and memory problems with good performance The qualified plastic wood composite material scheme is divided into "intelligent connectivity" (Intelligent connectivity impact testing machine is divided into manual pendulum impact testing machine, semi-automatic impact testing machine, digital display impact testing machine, microcomputer controlled impact testing machine, drop hammer impact testing machine and non-metallic impact testing machine, etc.) "High end granulator operation keys are different, but there are also different places experts) and" the shape of the future "display a variety of vertical market applications and next-generation innovative products, accelerate the deployment of software, hardware and firmware serial connection, and play an important role in the new era of IOT, 5g and AI integration

smart Internet

focusing on the high-performance, low latency, high-capacity and other real-time data stretching experimental processing requirements of "intelligent connectivity" applications, Yuzhan not only has the industry's most complete industrial standard wide temperature 3D NAND PCIe SSD, but also exhibits turbocharged USB with ultra-high reading and writing speed and performance dozens of times faster than market USB, and DDR memory supporting Intel's latest generation cascade Lake server processor, And a single memory capacity of 32GB DDR industrial memory. In addition, with the double barreled smart storage solution pioneered by Yuzhan, it controls important operation and storage parameters with two-stage software and firmware technology, which can give full play to the best performance of SSD and add a sharp weapon to continuous applications

high-end applications

on the other hand, in order to improve hardware reliability for "high-end experts", Yuzhan developed coreglacier heat dissipation technology, patented anti vulcanization memory modules, as well as military regulations strong SSD solutions, 2.5 r-sata strong SSD and xr-dimm memory, which meet the US military regulations mil-std-810g test standard; Cooperate with Yuzhan's exclusive defensepro technology solution to assist defense application customers to launch multi-layer data defense mechanism. Considering the data security issues that high-order niche applications are most concerned about, Yuzhan not only launched an industrial SSD that supports TCG opal 2.0 specification and AES 256 bit hardware encryption, but also further developed opaque software to help customers effectively manage asset security encryption functions. In order to protect confidential sensitive data from being stolen by external forces in the event of an emergency, Yuzhan instant keychange technology can erase the key data in one second and quickly complete the encryption key reconstruction; Coredestroyer technology can even start the special circuit design with one click, and quickly implement the physical destruction SSD mechanism to ensure data confidentiality and security

key to the future

as for the most watched "the shape of the future" exhibition area, Yuzhan will debut the world's first DDR4 security memory hsdimm and hsdimm Lite, the next generation DDR industrial memory, and innovative storage applications nplink SSD and edsff/ngsff (m.3) SSD. There are also hidden surprises in the exhibition area. For the first time, Yuzhan will cooperate with 7starlake to exhibit the XR DIMM strong memory self driving minibus application to have a glimpse of the future vision of mobile commerce

want to know about the future trends of IOT, 5g, artificial intelligence and so on

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