Hottest mobile phone panel shipments will increase

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Panel shipments in 2014 will increase by 10%

Market Research Institute npddisplaysearch pointed out that the global panel/display shipments in 2014 may reach 2billion pieces, an increase of 10% over 2013 (about 1.84 billion pieces, an annual increase of about 11%). This is also the first time that the global panel shipment has exceeded 2billion pieces

among them, wvga/qhd resolution will play a decisive role in these five factors as a bulk specification, and HD High Resolution (720hd/fhd) technology will not only be adopted by major manufacturers of international leading brands (such as Samsung experimental machine host with beautiful appearance, easy operation, stable and solid performance, Galaxy and Apple iPhone, etc.), but also be widely used by first-line brand manufacturers in China, such as Huawei, ZTE, Lenovo, Xiaomi, oppo Jinli and other big manufacturers favor. For example, Bubugao has just released a vivoxplay3s intelligent model, which is equipped with a 6-inch wqhd (), 500ppi resolution panel/display

npddisplaysearch pointed out that driven by Chinese manufacturers, intelligent displays/panels are continuously developing towards HD and high-resolution specifications, and many intelligent displays/panels are accelerating the introduction of high-resolution displays/panels, which should be loosened to meet the increasing performance and consumer demand. As far as terminal products are concerned, the fastest-growing type is high-resolution 11 Power supply: 220V low-cost intelligent display/panel

according to the survey of npddisplaysearcr, the shipment of display/panel reached 1.84 billion pieces in 2013, with an annual increase of about 11%, of which WVGA (800840) and QHD (900540) were the key drivers of panel growth in 2013. It is estimated that driven by the rising demand in China, the global display/panel shipments will grow by another 10% in 2014, reaching a scale of more than 2billion pieces

in order to meet the customers' demand for low-cost intelligence, panel manufacturers have made efforts to reduce the manufacturing cost of 720HD panels and actively produce high-resolution displays in recent years. For example, Taiwan panel factory has improved the manufacturing process with the 5-generation a-sitftlcd production line, and has been able to produce and supply high-resolution panels with a resolution of PPI

at the same time, JDI (Japanese display) and lgdisplay, the leading manufacturers of ltpstftlcd, also use the 6th generation line to mass produce high-resolution panels with more than 300ppi. It is expected that the 6th generation ltpstftlcd production line may appear in Chinese Mainland after 2014. Sharp uses the 8th generation line to produce igzotftlcd intelligent panels, hoping to reduce costs through mass production

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