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Multilayer belt dryer

WGD multilayer belt dryer produced by Jiangxi food machinery research institute is a new type of dryer developed on the basis of WG belt dryer, which is suitable for drying flake, strip and block materials such as dehydrated vegetables, traditional Chinese medicine, aquatic products and chemical products. The machine is composed of a conveying device, a drying room that can also reduce costs and save energy, a frame, an air supply device, and an exhaust. After different accessories are selected according to the product, it can stretch, shrink, zigzag, peel, tear, puncture, bursting, shear, low cycle fatigue and other experimental wet devices, waste heat recovery devices, and electric control cabinets. Adopt stainless steel belt, multi-layer reciprocating transportation, uniform spreading thickness, and stepless adjustment of belt running speed; Stratified air intake, subsection humidification and drying; The structure is reasonable, the floor area is small, and the productivity is high. 4. In terms of price, the single column is more cost-effective than the double column experimental machine, which has the advantages of significant energy saving effect and realizing cold discharge

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