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New blue ocean of paper industry: a new breakthrough in special packaging paper materials

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core tip: the year 2014 faded, and China's paper industry continued to struggle to maintain in the cold winter. However, there are fat horses in the barren grassland, such as yongfengyu, Qifeng special paper Oufen Huichuan and other paper companies with special paper as their main products are prosperous

[China Packaging News] in 2014, China's paper industry continued to struggle to maintain in the cold winter. However, there are fat horses in the barren grassland, and paper companies with special paper as their main products, such as yongfengyu, Qifeng special paper, and Oufen Huichuan, are thriving

after 10 years of research and development, yongfengyu, the world's top 50 paper-making enterprises and Taiwan's largest paper-making enterprise, yongfengyu straw comprehensive utilization project straw biological pulping technology npulp paper-making was put into production in Yangzhou. This marks the success of yongfengyu's green science and technology innovation in agricultural economy in ten years. At the same time, yongfengyu's straw biological pulping circular economic chain of green papermaking has formed a self extinguishing nature. Biological pulping technology can not only create a natural ecological carbon cycle for the land, take it from the land and return it to the land, but also create a new agricultural economic model of life, ecology and production for China, and bring economic benefits to farmers, It also provides them with natural organic biological fertilizers

npulp technology is a new green papermaking technology developed by yongfengyu in 10 years. According to the traditional papermaking principle, this technology uses agricultural straw to replace waste paper raw materials, and through the patented enzyme treatment of yongfengyu, the paper products produced are revolutionary products with Zero chemical agents, green pollution-free and pollution-free. At present, this technology has been able to achieve mass production of paper products

at present, yongfengyu has cooperated with Dell, a world-renowned IT giant. Dell has incorporated this resource into sustainable packaging innovation to manufacture packaging boxes for notebook computers and desktop products. So far, more than 70% of Dell's notebook products made in China have adopted sustainable packaging such as straw and bamboo, which reduces pollution and consumes less water and energy than traditional manufacturing

nano wrapping paper, the weakest link has been broken through

nanotechnology is one of the three major science and technology in the 21st century. After the traditional packaging paper is modified by nanotechnology, the material has the characteristics of high strength, high hardness, high toughness, high barrier, high degradation and high antibacterial ability, which makes it most conducive to realize the environmental performance, resource performance, reduction performance and recycling performance of green packaging materials while realizing the packaging function

in papermaking coatings, the application of nano calcium carbonate in the coating of white paperboard can effectively improve the performance of white paperboard. The addition of nano calcium carbonate is conducive to the improvement of several important performance indicators of the coating, such as IGT value, K, n ink absorption, smoothness and so on

in addition to all the application properties of ordinary paper, such as physical properties and printability, nano paper also has excellent properties such as moisture-proof, anti-aging, low water absorption, low scalability and so on. Moreover, the process is simple, the cost is low, and the market prospect is extremely broad

low eutectic solvent technology is expected to completely solve the problem of insufficient pulp fiber.

with the continuous improvement of the living standards of Chinese residents, the shortage of pulp resources is like a mountain in front of us. China's pulp is mainly wood pulp, which requires 50million tons of wood every year. However, the annual output of wood in China is only 80 to 90 million tons. According to the current development speed, China's wood resources are not enough for the papermaking industry in less than five years

at present, China's per capita paper consumption is only one tenth of that of developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan. If we want to reach the level of developed countries, even if we buy pulp from all over the world, it will not be enough for China to use. Therefore, in 2010, U.S. President Barack Obama said: if they study more than 20 technical indicators such as the chemical composition, ultra easy cutting performance and pen factory production requirements of ultra free cutting materials, and 1.4 billion Chinese people live like the United States and Australia, the world will fall into a very tragic situation

Up to 43% in 2015

however, the greatness of mankind lies in science and technology and innovation. A revolutionary pulping technology may completely solve the problem of serious shortage of wood resources, which is low eutectic solvent technology

low eutectic solvent technology is a new technology. At low temperature, it can keep up with the rapid development of hp-rtm: this high-pressure RTM equipment used by British professional automobile manufacturer penso consulting is qualitatively decomposed into components that can be used in the paper industry. If the paper industry uses this technology on a large scale, it can fundamentally change the world's pulp, paper and paperboard production, and reduce the main energy consumption by 40%

low eutectic solvent technology abandons the steps of mechanical grinding and chemical cooking, uses a substance called low eutectic solvent to dissolve wood and separate lignin. These solvents can fundamentally turn the paper industry into a biochemical industry. This method can also produce useful by-products, such as pure lignin (which can be used as a raw material for a large number of chemicals) and a certain kind of cellulose for high-end chemicals

the great significance of this technology is that humans can use it to extract cellulose from any green organism on the earth, so the shortage of wood will be solved

composite paper packaging materials are accelerating the replacement of flexible packaging plastic materials

paper plastic aluminum packaging is a packaging system based on food special cardboard, which is a paper packaging composed of polyethylene, paper, aluminum foil and so on. Paper plastic aluminum packaging is widely used in the processing of liquid dairy products, plant protein beverages, fruit juice beverages, alcohol products and drinking water. Sterile packaging materials can include milk, fruit juice and beverages, alcohol, water, tomato products, soups, sweets, nutritional foods and other products

confectionery, biscuits, melon seeds, salt and other foods and liquid beverages began to use a large number of composite paper packaging materials. As a kind of packaging with high technical content in composite paper packaging materials, liquid aseptic packaging is more and more widely used in China's beverage and milk packaging market. It is preliminarily estimated that the domestic demand for carton packaging for liquid food has reached nearly 20billion, of which the annual consumption of sterile cartons for liquid food has exceeded 15billion, accounting for about 10% of the global market, and is expected to increase at a rate of 20% - 30% every year. However, at present, the market share of such materials produced by our country is not large, and we have been relying on foreign imports, and the domestic market needs to be further developed

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