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Mitsui Takeda expands polyurethane resin business

Mitsui Takeda chemical in Japan should actively expand polyurethane resin business. The production and marketing system of China and ASEAN markets is being adjusted, and the local production of high-function products will be realized in sequence. It is planned to increase the turnover of polyurethane resin with the current experiment speed of 5billion yen to 0.001mm/min ⑴ 000mm/min yen to 40billion yen in 2005, and increase the proportion of this business in the total turnover of the company from the current 20% to 30%, so as to improve the profitability of the business. With toluene isocyanate (TDI) polyurethane raw material, the company ranks among the largest enterprises in Asia. Its derivatives are expected to grow in the Asian market 10 The belt loosening of the oil pump is actively carried out. Following the production of general ether adhesives in Suzhou, China in October 2002, the production of ester adhesives is scheduled to start in Malaysia in August 2002. Taiwan has also produced ester adhesives since the era of the former Takeda pharmaceutical industrial chemicals division, so it has built three strongholds in Asia

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