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Building materials franchise stores are generally opened in building materials business circles and self-contained shops in residential buildings. Here, Xiaobian focuses on customized furniture stores. To promote customized furniture is actually to promote a kind of life, which determines that the audience of customized furniture is the owners of residential buildings. If you want to do activities in the exclusive store, all dealers compete with each other, that is, whose customers come more. Especially for furniture stores opened in building materials malls. The timeliness of information is very important! Whole house custom furniture brand Deville

the mall is a place with equal opportunities. Under the same conditions, who can take the first step, seize the first opportunity and strike first, then who can win the game. Since 90% of the customers who come to the building materials mall are their own potential customers, as dealers, we must have a good appearance and a good advertising position in the mall, and send people to pull the customers who enter the mall into the store as much as possible

in marketing activities, it is also necessary to constantly analyze market information to seize the opportunity and quickly win by relying on information, such as the analysis of the macro environment (such as policy, law, nature, science and technology, politics, etc.). Customized furniture is not only for individual community owner customers, but also for units such as apartments, hotels and nursing homes. It is also a large-scale engineering customer. Therefore, as a dealer, you should grasp the demand information of the local accommodation industry

to open a store, we need to obtain competitive intelligence, quickly attack and grasp market opportunities, analyze competitors and consumers, and obtain corresponding information, so as to act quickly and seize the first opportunity. For example, his competitors began to play the price card, and he didn't know anything about it. For another example, if you don't know the selling points of your competitors' products at all, how can you persuade your customers when selecting and comparing your products with customers

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