Winter decoration is one step ahead of occupancy

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Maybe it's because of the long Spring Festival holiday or the low temperature. People's decoration schedule is always idle in January. In fact, although there are many objective adverse factors, as long as you are properly prepared, there are four advantages to decorate in winter

calmly deploy and carefully arrange the construction period

some owners are worried that the cross year decoration with midway suspension will have a long time span and affect the progress and quality of the project. In fact, choosing the decoration at the end of the year and avoiding the peak decoration season is more conducive to the design and ensure the construction quality

during the Spring Festival holiday, the constructed part can be fully dried. At the same time, after this rare dry rest period, it is more conducive to find and solve the problems existing in the construction, so as to correct them in time

at the end of the year, the business volume of the decoration company gradually tends to be flat, and the designer will have more time to elaborate the scheme. At the same time, he will also have more time to guide the construction at the construction site, communicate face-to-face with the owner, and better solve the differences in design and technology in a timely manner

the temperature difference tests that the material is more reliable

through intermittent construction, a period of drying period can be won for the indoor environment that has been started. The home decoration company will calmly follow the home decoration steps and nodes to ensure that all kinds of operations are carried out under the most scientific circumstances

first of all, winter is the driest season of the year, and the moisture content of wood is the lowest. At this time, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor decoration can just test the wood and construction quality. After a shutdown period, potential quality problems, such as cracking and deformation, will be reflected in time. Therefore, workers will be more careful about the details of splicing and other issues during the construction process

according to the normal construction requirements of home decoration, the indoor temperature should be above 5 ℃ as far as possible. As far as Shanghai is concerned, in general, even without heating, it can be achieved most of the time under daily light conditions. Therefore, the concern that low temperature will affect the process can be basically eliminated

inter Festival ventilation is no longer a waste of time

even if it can be completed before the Spring Festival, according to the general law, newly decorated houses need to go through another ventilation period to reduce indoor pollution. If it is completed at other time, this ventilation period is really a murder of time. However, using ventilation and drying during the Spring Festival can greatly save time. It's a great pleasure to live in a new house when the spring comes next year

peak consumption reduces decoration costs

thanks to the city's place. As many consumers try to avoid starting work in winter or even buying building materials products, there is a low season for home decoration from this time to around the Spring Festival. This off-season, on the contrary, is a good time to be profitable

as we all know, it is the relationship between supply and demand that affects the fluctuation of commodity prices. When supply exceeds demand, price concessions are inevitable. On the other hand, the end of the year is the time for businesses to rush sales. Whether decoration companies or building materials sellers, they will use this time to adjust prices, strive to attract consumers with volume and low prices, and improve the annual performance. It can be said that decoration in winter is the most beneficial to consumers in reducing costs




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