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Now many people will decorate a study at home, first for the convenience of children's study, and second for the convenience of working at home. But you know what? The study has a great influence on your promotion and salary increase. So how should the study be decorated to benefit the development of the career? Now let's explain it for you

I. which room should I choose as my study

most of my friends in my family now have a study, but which room should I choose as my study? Many friends decide according to the wishes of the developer. The developer will recognize which room is the study when he says it is. This often “ Go astray &rdquo

the choice of study should follow the geomantic principle of Wei Li, and it should also be determined according to human destiny

generally speaking, the study needs to face south or east to west. Secondly, the study should have a backer

in addition, the study cannot have “ Beam capping ”, If it is unavoidable, a ceiling should also be installed to block it. Of course, don't put the beam on the top of the person sitting or on the desk, otherwise there will be trouble in career or study, and it will also affect health

second, is there any stress on the size of the study

the size of the study should be appropriate, too large or too small will become a problem; Comparatively speaking, the study would rather be small and elegant than big and inappropriate. Some friends have a large study. In fact, it is difficult to concentrate on reading or writing in such a study, because “ Gas gathering ” It is one of the basic principles of Feng Shui. In such a large study, it is really difficult to achieve “ Gas gathering ” Of course, the spirit will inevitably be scattered. And if you are a boss or manager, in such a large study “ Strategize ”, It has a great obstacle to the development of the cause, so we must not be careless

III. what color should the study be

the color of the study should be determined according to different fates and house patterns. Generally speaking, the color of the study should be mainly light color, such as light green. Because Wenchang star five elements belong to wood, the color of wood should be adopted

IV. how to choose the right desk

if you choose the right study, then the desk is very important. The desk must be a special desk. If you use the dining table as a desk, it is obvious that the promotion and salary increase will be greatly reduced

secondly, the desk should not be rushed by the door. Rushing in the aura is the most detrimental to people, and accidents are easy to happen; Desks can't be placed against walls, and there can't be beams above desks

if the above requirements are easy to achieve, then the desk cannot be placed on the bad position, which many friends can't do, because he doesn't know where the bad position is &mdash& mdash; This needs to be measured with a compass. Because it is too professional, Dr. Zheng ignores it here

in addition, I would like to remind my friends that if your desk is placed by the window, you should pay attention to the sharp corners of other houses within 10 meters of the window. The farther the sharp angle is, the smaller the impact is; on the contrary, the closer the angle is, the greater the impact is

v. what are the requirements for placing bookcases

in addition to desks, there are also bookcases in the study, so how to place bookcases? There is a famous principle about the placement of bookcases in metaphysics. Please remember: “ The desk is lucky, and the bookcase is fierce &rdquo

that is to say, the desk should be placed in an auspicious position, while the bookcase should be placed in an inauspicious position to suppress evil spirits

VI. what is placed on the desk to improve

many friends put things on their desks too disorderly, and they did not follow the principle of left Green Dragon and right white tiger; In addition, the desk should also combine the five elements and place the corresponding mascots to enhance their career fortunes




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