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It is the common wish of every parent to hope that their children will become a dragon and their daughters will become a Phoenix. It is also because they hope that their children will have a peaceful and comfortable reading space, such as the layout of the bedroom and the study, all of which are perfect. However, after years of experience in interior design and operation,

looking forward to children's success and women's success is the common wish of every parent, and also because they hope that their children will have a peaceful and comfortable reading space, such as the layout of bedrooms and study, all of which focus on perfection and beauty. However, after years of experience in interior design operation, many people often outsmart themselves

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the main problems to be paid attention to in the decoration of children's rooms are:

1. Reduce decoration pollution. The simplest and feasible way is to use exquisite materials and control the dosage, mainly the dosage of wood core board and paint. In order to pursue the effect of luxury decoration, the practice of full wallpaper packaging and full wall furniture is easy to cause formaldehyde and other pollutants to exceed the standard

2. Jointly participate in the planning. As each child's personality and preferences are different, the requirements for room decoration will also vary. Parents may wish to talk more with their children to understand their preferences and needs, and let them participate in the design and decoration of their own rooms

3. The material is soft and natural. Due to the strong mobility of children, soft and natural materials, such as carpet, log, wall cloth or plastic, should be preferred in the selection of children's room space. These durable, easy to repair, non expensive materials can create a comfortable sleeping environment, but also make parents have no safety concerns

4. Sufficient and soft lighting. Proper and sufficient lighting can make the room warm and secure, and help eliminate the fear of children when they are alone

5. The color is bright and lively. The color of the bedroom or furniture in the children's room should be bright, relaxed and pleasant, and the color should be more contrasting

among them, the pollution problem deserves our attention. Mom should pay special attention to material selection, especially paint. In recent years, paint pollution and poisoning have occurred from time to time. Many mothers are scared and dare not decorate their baby's room casually. Therefore, when mothers choose paint, they must see whether it is healthy paint and harmful to children's health. Nowadays, the voice of health is very high. Recently, the paint industry has produced some health paints for children's health problems. Mothers should choose carefully when decorating, and children's health problems should not be ignored

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