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Maitu Shanxi vinyl ester new plant put into operation

maitu special chemicals company recently announced that the VeoVa vinyl ester new production plant jointly invested and built by it and Shanxi sanwei group has been successfully put into operation with a proportion of 1.7g/cm. This is the company's second production unit in the region. The production of the new unit has increased the production capacity of maitu VeoVa monomer by about 30%. In addition, the load value, displacement value and deformation value are displayed dynamically in real time. In order to operate the crushing part of the machine, the experimental speed and experimental curve provide conditions for the development and expansion of the company's vinyl products

Maxus has successfully produced the first batch of VeoVa monomers on the new device. The customer thinks that the performance of the new device is the same as that of the VeoVa monomers produced by Maxus in Europe and the Netherlands, so he decides to purchase the VeoVa monomers locally. According to the customer, this can not only save import duties, but also realize inventory optimization because it shortens the delivery time

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