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On november18,2009, Shandong Fayin CNC Machinery Co., Ltd. displayed dozens of new CNC machine tool products in a newly built plant with an area of more than 40000 square meters, including iron towers, pipe towers and steel structures, to ensure that customers here can also obtain the best product structure in the market and the punching, sawing, cutting, drilling, milling, boring Welding and other processing fields, and most of them can be provided by the whole production line. Lishengjun, chairman of the board of directors of the company, said that after the new factory of Fayin CNC is put into operation, the gradually increased production capacity will effectively meet the company's rapidly growing domestic and international market demand, the product categories will be richer, the core competitiveness will be more prominent, and the company's independent innovation ability and customer service level will be further improved

integrated development

caiweici, executive vice president of China Machinery Industry Federation, who specially came to Jinan to attend the opening ceremony of the new factory area of Fayin CNC and the 2009 new product exhibition, highly appreciated the "integrated development" and "turnkey project" of Fayin CNC. He said that this mode highly recommended by China Machinery Industry Federation has been well interpreted in Fayin CNC

at the beginning of the establishment of Fayin CNC factory, the first product was a single product. However, this mode gradually shifted to providing customers with comprehensive solutions and even long-term technical support solutions, that is, the "turnkey" project, and the service also showed alienation and refinement. At the same time, Fayin numerical control has been continuously improving the performance of leading products, resulting in the rise of product costs. However, the company has not raised the ex factory price of products. On the contrary, the price of some products has decreased. This method of providing value-added services to customers with part of the profits is actually fulfilling the company's commitment: providing services to customers to achieve mutual growth

"Fayin CNC wants to be not only a sales company, but also a service company." Lishengjun said, "as a professional design and manufacturing company, we need to be ahead of customers in many aspects and do what customers can't think of. If the other party is an avantgarde customer, we should try our best to solve the avantgarde requirements put forward by avantgarde customers. When necessary, we should also take it as a market warning for our own reform and promote the application more comprehensively."

this year, Fayin CNC sorted out the products again, identified more than 50 recommended products from the existing more than 200 products, focused on the upgrading of leading products, and consolidated and improved the market position of the company in the advantageous fields such as iron towers, steel structures, large plates, etc. It is understood that in order to comply with the requirements of national energy conservation and environmental protection, the pipe tower has a huge market prospect in the construction of intelligent electricity. In response to this business opportunity, Fayin CNC quickly launched pa1012 straight pipe flange teaming machine and pw1012 straight pipe flange ring welder, which were highlighted at this exhibition

in fact, adhering to technological innovation as the guide and continuously strengthening the integration of digital information technology and equipment manufacturing industry, so as to form the ability to develop both software and hardware and the innovation ability of system integration is the key to Fayin's core competitiveness. It is understood that Fayin CNC has 6 design and development departments and a technical development team of nearly 200 people. It has obtained 42 patents, 15 software copyrights and several proprietary technologies. At the same time, it is also the drafting unit of 4 national standards

creative absorption

although Fayin CNC leads the industrial development of China's steel structure secondary processing equipment, strictly speaking, Fayin CNC is not the pioneer of this market. In 1998, when Fayin numerical control was just established and began to develop steel structure numerical control equipment, peers from developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan had entered China first, and also cultivated a relatively mature market

Fayin CNC has learned from the experience and technology of developed countries in the development process, but it is not imitation, but creative absorption. With the design concept more suitable for the Chinese market, the advantages of after-sales service, the quality close to the international advanced level and the advantages far lower than the international price, Fayin CNC has become the latecomer in this field. In terms of innovation, fayne CNC has achieved fruitful results: in 2007, it won the title of "excellent enterprise and the most influential brand in China's machinery industry", and its popularity in the industry has further improved; In 2008, the project of "research and development of numerical control processing equipment for key components of high-power wind turbine" was successfully approved at the provincial level, and scientific and technological innovation reached a new level; In 2009, it was selected as the "60th anniversary brand of Shandong Province" with "innovative development and rapid growth". One month ago, the accreditation of Fayin CNC provincial enterprise technology center was a complete success

"it is difficult to gain advantages only by simple imitation. We have always insisted on discussing creative absorption based on creative ratio." Lishengjun said, "Using other people's things as they are is tantamount to 'plagiarizing'. Maybe they will not be discovered in a short time and there will be considerable benefits. However, there is no free lunch in the world. With the improvement of people's awareness of intellectual property rights, such infringement will eventually be punished by the law. There is a company in Chengdu that produces and sells steel structure products that are the same as similar products of Fayin CNC in terms of shape, function and technical parameters. Give me the law The operation and reputation of CNC had a bad impact, but it finally paid a price: in April this year, the court made a ruling that the company and the two infringers should compensate for the corresponding economic losses to fanyin CNC for their infringement. "

based on this concept, Fayin numerical control adheres to both absorption and innovation, develops dozens of new products by itself, and invests about 20million yuan in technical research every year, which does not include product development costs and national investment in the enterprise

poised development

Andy Grove, former president of Intel, said that excellent enterprises survive the crisis and mediocre enterprises lose their lives. Only great enterprises develop themselves in the crisis

the global financial crisis that began to affect China in the second half of 2008 has just become a "curve" in the competition for France to gain momentum and expand its advantages. On September 5, 2008, Fayin CNC was listed on the small and medium-sized board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, issuing 36.5 million shares and raising 300million yuan, which was mainly used for the construction of steel structure CNC complete equipment production base in Suncun new plant area of Fayin CNC. The project was listed as a key construction project in Shandong Province in 2008, and received the second batch of new central budget investment from the national development and Reform Commission in 2009. At present, 9.1 million yuan of central budget investment funds have been in place

the base covers an area of 237 mu. After completion, it will add 76530 square meters of building area, including 160million square meters of iron tower steel structure NC complete processing equipment production workshop, 1800million square meters of building steel structure NC complete processing equipment production workshop, 20000 square meters of large plate NC complete processing equipment production workshop, 10000 square meters of technology center trial production and Exhibition workshop, and 12530 square meters of Technology Center office building and public facilities; Purchase 172 sets of advanced equipment, instruments and software at home and abroad. The key equipment includes: boring and milling machining center, gantry machining center, CNC surface grinder, CMM, laser doppler measuring instrument, etc

after all the bases are completed and put into operation, 420 sets of complete sets of CNC processing equipment for iron towers, 265 sets of complete sets of CNC processing equipment for steel structures and 118 sets of complete sets of CNC processing equipment for large plates will be added every year. A total of 803 sets of complete sets of CNC processing equipment will be added every year, and the annual income is expected to exceed 500million yuan. At present, the No. 1 plant with a building area of 42984 square meters has been completed

method factor mainly shows that each load can only reach 1 constant load control, and the future development focuses on four aspects. First, focus on the main business. Within the existing main business, we will refine, refine and specialize, enrich the varieties, series and specifications, strive to improve the level of CNC complete sets of equipment in the steel structure processing industry, and strive to expand to bridge steel structure, marine steel structure, shipbuilding steel structure and other important related fields. Second, it extends vertically to help excellent outsourcing processing enterprises in the form of equipment investment, properly integrate parts processing resources, speed up the delivery of outsourced parts and reduce product costs; Under the guidance of CNC steel structure complete processing equipment, select complementary enterprises, cooperate to promote the construction of a national regional processing and distribution center for section steel, medium and heavy plate and wire rod, lengthen the industrial chain and seek new economic growth points. Third, appropriate horizontal expansion. Under the premise of numerical control equipment, appropriate expansion puts forward higher requirements for the friction coefficient of the film, and the development and promotion of equipment related to the main industry. Fourth, innovation and cooperation should be carried out at the same time, the construction of high-level technology R & D center should be improved, the leading advantages of R & D center in terms of equipment, talents and technical level should be continuously consolidated and improved, and the company should strive to cooperate with world-class similar enterprises, learn from overseas advanced technology and management, and continuously improve the company's international traffic capacity

according to the third quarter report of 2009 released by Fayin CNC, the company's total operating revenue in the first three quarters was 303million yuan, an increase of 28.97% year-on-year; The net profit attributable to the shareholders of the listed company was 49.16 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 14.48%. At present, the company has full orders, normal production and operation, stable product prices and main production costs, and it is expected that there will be no significant fluctuations in the operating performance in the fourth quarter of 2009

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