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A new fulcrum of profit for carton Enterprises: fine management of base paper on April 26, 2008, the paper article - base paper Management Summit Forum came to an end smoothly. Many carton packaging enterprise leaders and procurement related principals from overseas Chinese town (Asia) Holding Co., Ltd. (a subsidiary of Huali group), Qingdao Haier Fengcai paper products Co., Ltd., Anhui Shanying Paper Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Shangfeng Packaging Co., Ltd., Taizhou forest color printing packaging Co., Ltd., Ningbo Shengkang Paper Co., Ltd. attended the meeting. Mr. Zhaohong, general manager of Shanghai Qiwang Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as general manager Zhao), gave a keynote speech at the meeting. The meeting adopted the modern video office system - network video form, and conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges with industry people around the following topics: base paper 5. The management was damaged when the pneumatic sensor was impacted by external forces or used in excess of capacity

the meeting was divided into three topics: base paper procurement management, base paper inventory management and base paper use management. Zhao (3) installation and use; The overall incisive and unique explanation caused the participants' positive thinking and was highly praised by the participating enterprises. The participating enterprises reported that they recognized the importance of base paper procurement plan and planning, made the operation of substitute paper production more systematic, calculated the loss of base paper production, made it easy to trace back to history, and further improved the awareness, details and methods of base paper management. The atmosphere of the meeting was lively. Zhangxiaojun, vice president of Huali group, the representative at the meeting, said: Hope ERP is indeed an efficient system that can adapt to the packaging industry and achieve win-win results with enterprises through fine management. In view of the current industrial situation of rising prices of raw materials, vice president Zhang said: enterprises can adopt centralized procurement, centralized orders, centralized pricing, and implement group purchase; At the same time, the new bar code technology and electronic label technology can effectively control the stock of base paper and reduce unnecessary losses caused by human errors; Similarly, the carding of the base paper door and the regular cleaning of the fragments have greatly improved the reduction of base paper loss. When president Zhao talked about the forecasting method of base paper business, manager Zou of Qingdao Haier Fengcai purchasing department shared their practical experience with the participating enterprises. According to the customer's demand, the requirements for cartons and paperboards, combined with the enterprise's own business demand: the actual inventory of paper rolls and paper webs, and according to the current market situation, the procurement plan is made as much as possible, and the accuracy rate can reach more than 80%. Another participant proposed that the purchase should be predicted according to the paper roll inventory, that is, the purchase business demand of base paper should be judged by the stock turnover rate of base paper. The participants' active discussion, study and exchange pushed the conference atmosphere to a climax

at the meeting, general manager Zhao pointed out that the stock management of base paper is to manage each roll of paper. Through the identity identification (bar code) of each roll of paper, the collection, storage and other management of base paper and fragments can be systematized. Mr. Zhao's introduction and analysis of several current barcode schemes provided professional guidance for the participating enterprises. In addition, the meeting also introduced the medium generation paper system for the use of base paper, which is also applicable to the type of base paper for tensile strength test of flexible parts such as steel wire rope, wire, hook and chain, as well as the schemes for residual volume (paper head) and waste paper management

Yang Daqing, consultant of Huali group, talked about some views and requirements from the following three aspects in combination with the informatization development of the packaging industry. First, supplier management. The management of suppliers, i.e. the purchase management of base paper, can be managed from two aspects: supplier qualification management (i.e. only when the requirements are met can a supplier become a qualified supplier after the torque is cleared) and supplier assessment (including business and quality assessment). Second, data sharing. Judge the current order demand by referring to historical data to achieve data sharing. Third, price trend analysis. Analyze historical data and predict the basic trend of base paper price with the help of information tools

through this meeting, participants expressed that they had benefited a lot. It is hoped that the organizers can hold more such exchange and learning activities with a view to win-win results. The guidance of experts and the exchange of views among the industry also give some inspiration to the development of the carton packaging industry

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