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Aise Technology: a new "energy-saving weapon" was launched

according to the data released by the national development and Reform Commission on July 10, the completion of national energy conservation and emission reduction in the first half of this year, in the first five months, the energy consumption of industries above designated size was 1111.83 million tons of standard coal, a year-on-year increase of 2.98%, and the growth rate was 0.42% faster than that of the same period last year; The energy consumption of the six high energy consuming industries increased by 4.0% and 4.6% respectively in May and April; In the first two years of the 12th Five Year Plan, the energy consumption per unit of GDP decreased by 5.5% in total, and only 32.7% of the energy-saving target was achieved. It can be seen that the second half of the year will face a severe situation of how to improve the energy-saving awareness of self established enterprises and how to effectively implement energy-saving actions

therefore, in the field of energy-saving services, any professional and efficient energy-saving service company should contribute to the future energy-saving cause. As a high-tech enterprise relying on professional R & D strength and committed to the energy-saving field of gonganyang with traffic location advantages, aishe technology is more duty bound to upgrade its energy-saving services in the field of air compression. Ecoso=ecological +society: creating an ecological society, protecting the environment, and working with enterprises to create a better home for mankind are a very important part of the corporate culture of aise. Aise technology has launched a new service mode according to the market demand to diagnose and train energy-saving services, so as to provide more effective energy-saving methods for enterprises

in addition to its solid nature, it is also extremely fragile. What is the diagnostic training service?

the core of the new energy-saving service training content of aise Technology: ECSP (efficiency, cost, safety, and specialization). Among them, efficiency, relying on its energy-saving practice and R & D patents in air compressors, will enable the personnel participating in the training to quickly master the supply and demand matching status of the air compressor system, understand the overall operation efficiency and electrical ratio of the system, and then clarify the means to improve the system efficiency, so as to improve the energy-saving efficiency; 5 gold tool torque testing equipment is used to test the change strength of various wrenches, and also to test the torsional strength of various parts and wrenches Adding corresponding accessories can also conduct torsion test on parts and components Cost mainly includes calculating the operation cost of the enterprise's air compression system, clarifying the energy-saving potential of the enterprise's air compression system, understanding the relevant transformation investment cost and investment payback period, which can effectively save the cost of the enterprise; Safety covers an all-round safety system for the air compression system, including grasping the safe operation status of the air compression system equipment, understanding the hidden dangers of gas use for pipe and terminal equipment, and mastering the impact of the entire air compression system on the overall production and operation safety of the enterprise, so as to ensure that every detail cannot be omitted; Finally, about professional professionalization, it means saving energy, reducing consumption, green and safe operation, improving the fine management level of the enterprise, improving the professional knowledge structure of the team, and making employees expert

if you want to do good work, you must first sharpen your tools. Aise science and technology believes that through professional training, you will be able to train professional energy-saving and consumption reduction management talents, so that full-time, professional and specially assigned personnel can implement the energy-saving goals. Build an enterprise energy management system, so that enterprise managers can understand how to use energy efficiently, save energy and how to manage energy; Master the energy-saving technologies of the enterprise with high quality, so as to introduce new technologies and performance attributes into the market and directly promote the improvement of energy efficiency and energy conservation of the enterprise

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