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Huber group! Nkredible new generation printing ink appears in druba

now, Huber group, headquartered in Munich, has become one of the world's leading manufacturers of printing ink, printing gloss and printing related auxiliary products

its parent company, Michael Huber m nchen GmbH, was established in Munich in 1765. It is a family business. Now it is controlled by the ninth generation of the family, which provides a good guarantee for the long-term healthy development and financial independence of the company

in 2005, Huber Group acquired micro inks Ltd., an Indian printing ink manufacturer. Now, jimust fully digest group has 35 subsidiaries in the world. After the completion of this transaction, Huber group successfully ascended the throne of the world's fourth largest printing ink manufacturer

adhering to the company's strategic goal of providing high-quality printing inks and auxiliary products for the global printing industry, huberggroup decided to further develop its business in China through its subsidiaries in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Shanghai

huber group introduced the most important innovation in the field of sheet fed offset printing ink at drupa2008 (booth Hall 3, C 68):! NKREDIBLE。

! Nkredible new generation printing ink is an important achievement of Huber group in realizing the integration of pigment and resin through the acquisition of micro inks. Through the in-depth knowledge exchange and sincere cooperation between Huber group's global chemical and process engineers, as well as innovative raw material synthesis and ink formulation methods, Huber group has developed a new generation of ink that can meet the increasingly stringent quality requirements of the printing industry and the complex production processes of modern high-speed printing machines

! Nkreddible new generation printing inks include six ink series: restista, rapida, reflecta, compression, maximize, and perfection. Its formula can provide a variety of firmness The inlet holes of wire trough, cable tray, distribution cabinet and various electrical appliances shall be sealed tightly, providing ideal products for various applications. Thermosetting ink series revolution also adopts the brand-new of Huber group! Nkred leaders of the two countries can have a resonance and strengthen the development of able technology in this field. With its excellent stability and excellent drying performance in the production process, it sets a new standard for printing speed and productivity

in addition, Huber group will display a large number of other innovative products:

acrylac-a water-based coating system for all sheet fed offset printing applications. Acrylac product series is famous for its excellent gloss, protective properties and excellent printability

hydro-x- water based printing ink specially used for packaging and printing. Hydro-X ink system can cover a variety of applications: hydro-well is used for post printing process of corrugated board; Hydro-bag is used to print various paper containers from ordinary paper bags to high-quality paper bags; Hydro-top is used to produce high-grade packaging for food, candy, raw materials and other industries

gecko- solvent based ink system for packaging printing. This ink system provides a solution for printing on different substrates such as paper, aluminum foil, plastic film, shrink wrap film (PE, PVC, pet, OPS) to laminate (OPP, PE, pet, OPA)

mga- low migration ink system for printing food type packaging in compliance with relevant regulations. This system has no sensory effects and contains only non-toxic substances

huber group also launched a new product series for UV process, which will be marketed under the name of newv. It is necessary to speed up the flow rate of circulating air in the box, which will further improve the product portfolio of Huber group

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