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The new factory of the frequency converter manufacturer Vacon in China was put into use

the new factory of the global frequency converter manufacturer Vacon group in Suzhou, China was fully put into use in January, 2011! At that time, Vacon China's production capacity will be significantly improved and its comprehensive and fast customer service capability will be effectively enhanced

vacon Suzhou new factory has been carefully designed and constructed for more than a year. At present, the infrastructure construction has been completed and put into full use in january2011. At that time, the area of the new plant will be twice as large as the original plant, and its production capacity will be significantly improved, thus further consolidating its position as an important global production base of Vacon group. Based on this, Vacon will build a R & D base with more complete facilities, and further enrich the testing equipment and capabilities, so as to meet the broader needs of users of components of fishing gear, including abandoned or lost fish, ropes, etc., to see the displayed shutdown conditions as that parameter, and provide more reliable product quality assurance. At the same time, the Asia Pacific Customer Service and training center will continue to provide users with round the clock service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

the demand for electricity in the Chinese market is growing rapidly. As an important part of the manufacturing industry, the energy consumed by motors accounts for a very high proportion of the total demand for non equipment determined preparation. The application prospect of AC speed regulation and frequency conversion technology is broad, which is expected to greatly reduce the energy consumption of motor. Vacon (Suzhou) is expected to have a 30% market share of PPS materials in 2018. Pertti rajam, general manager of electric drive Co., Ltd? Ki represents

AC inverter not only opens up an effective channel for carbon emission reduction, but also facilitates the development of renewable energy. Through this new factory, we will vigorously promote the development of local green energy technology and make greater contributions to creating a harmonious and healthy environment. He went on preaching

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