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On May 2, the new generation of "agriculture supporting and agriculture benefiting" crawler bulldozer cb1002 of Sinomach Luoyang Co., Ltd. launched in batches again in Hunan Province. With the diversity of recycled plastic processing enterprises, Hunan Province began to transform and upgrade the Hubei region

it is reported that since late April, more than 10 cb1002 new generation "agriculture supporting and agriculture benefiting" crawler bulldozers have settled in Lianghu region. Cb1002 crawler bulldozer is a classic product of Sinomach Luoyang Company for the special operating environment in southern China, such as humid and heavy rain! This product is equipped with the national three emission engine. While inheriting the advantages of the TS crawler bulldozer of Sinomach Luoyang Company, such as low fuel consumption, high cost performance, wide range of application, reliable quality and so on, it has also made a series of improvements in waterproof, moisture-proof, corrosion-proof and other aspects, greatly improving the adaptability to the paddy soil in the south

Food is the most important thing for the people. Agriculture is the foundation of our national economy. For a long time, Sinomach Luoyang Company has paid attention to and attached importance to the development of China's agriculture, and has made great efforts in the research and development of agricultural compensation products. It has successively developed and designed more than 10 "agriculture supporting and benefiting" products, such as T100G, TS100, T120, etc., which have not only created benefits for farmers, but also contributed to the development of China's agricultural modernization with its own practical actions Thin force when installing and changing the experimental machine for the first time

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