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Keda's new generation of emergency command solution

efficient modern management and communication is an important means to ensure the healthy and orderly development of all industrial chains in the oil and even the entire energy industry. Recently, the China Petroleum communication technology forum was held in Suzhou. Many professionals from the National Petroleum Industry and upstream and downstream enterprises came to Suzhou to discuss the new direction of the application of communication technology in the petroleum industry

as a well-known enterprise focusing on the application and development of video communication, Keda took part in the forum with a new generation of emergency command solutions, and introduced Keda, video conference, video surveillance, satellite communication, comprehensive security and other modern communication technologies for customers in the oil industry, such as Keda, video command and dispatching, which can be guided by the scientific concept of comprehensive, harmonious and sustainable development. Rich video products and flexible application modes have immediately attracted the attention of customers in the oil industry and their upstream and downstream enterprises. In the next visit, nearly 40 people from customers in the oil industry and some important corporate customers came to Keda for in-depth investigation and expressed great recognition for Keda's products and technologies

Keda's new generation of emergency command solution innovatively uses Keda to build a new command center, which is greatly different from the traditional command and brings users an extraordinary experience of face-to-face communication. Kedacheng can provide users with a comprehensive and systematic overall solution for video fusion through Ethernet, 3g/4g wireless, satellite network, network fusion video conference, mobile conference terminal, satellite conference, satellite, fixed video monitoring, mobile monitoring, fixed/mobile and other communication modes. The omni-directional and three-dimensional communication can timely transmit information, analyze data, monitor production, command and dispatch in all links of oil exploration, development, refining, oil and gas storage, transportation and sales, so as to maximize the communication efficiency of the enterprise and the visual management level of authorizing two utility model patents. This forum may set off a new wave of communication system construction in the oil industry

Figure 1: Keda's new generation of emergency command solutions

Figure 2: Keda's speech at the petroleum communication technology forum

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