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Kontron group appointed Mr. pengxiaowei as the general manager of the new Kontron (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. to formally take over the Asia Pacific Affairs focusing on the Chinese market on September 1, 2010. Mr. pengxiaowei has more than 20 years of working experience in the field of industrial control and automation. He has served as general manager and President of Hollysys, Schneider Electric, Turck and other well-known multinational companies. The price rise of copper foil has driven up the price of copper clad laminate. He has also served as the general director of Beijing automatic chemical society and the automation industry of the German Lehrman Group. International educat believes that we will gain important experience or. Mr. Martin Zurek, the Asia Pacific director of kongchuang group, the management team of kongchuang China and all employees of China (Beijing) attended the inauguration ceremony of the new general manager

since 2008, China's embedded and industrial control markets have encountered a global synchronized financial crisis, so kongchuang China has experienced a process of smooth transition and performance recovery. After the baptism of the market, Mr. pengxiaowei, the new general manager, will pay attention to the construction of internal mechanism and resource integration, readjust the market strategy, and begin to implement a series of sales oriented and market-oriented measures in the second half of 2010

more efficiency will be the guiding principle for the change of our workflow and organizational structure. We will continue to optimize our organizational structure, so as to better achieve our strategic goal of rapid sales growth. At the inaugural meeting, Mr. pengxiaowei said that, in addition, being more professional will be our other major policy to guide our internal and external work. The strict and honest working attitude, a market-oriented means, will help us build a harmonious atmosphere within the company, within the group and in the communication with customers, and create a more professional and honest image

from 2008 to 2009, kongchuang China withstood the impact of the financial crisis, and its performance rose slightly every year. As a new manager, Mr. pengxiaowei is a core member of the current search engine's important method layer for ranking query results. The strategy of focusing on sales, market, efficiency and image is bound to provide kongchuang with a brand-new play on China's embedded and industrial control stage

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