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National computer grade examination September 2003 written examination paper and answers

1. Multiple choice questions ((1) - (30) questions 1 point per sub question, (31) - (55) questions 2 points per sub question, a total of 80 points)

only one of the following questions a), b), c) and D) is correct. Please scribble the correct options on the corresponding position of the answer sheet, and no score will be given on the test paper

(1) the main components of the fourth generation computer are

a) transistors b) small scale integrated circuits

c) electronic tubes d) large scale and very large scale integrated circuits

(2) in the following description, The error is

a) transferring data from memory to hard disk is called writing disk

b) the process of converting source program into target program is called compilation

c) application software has no requirements for operating system

d) binary

is used for data transmission, storage and processing inside the computer (3) the five basic components of computer hardware include: arithmetic unit, memory, input device Output device and

a) display B) controller c) disk drive d) mouse

(4) WuBi font code input method belongs to

a) voice code input method B) shape code input method

c) voice shape combined input method d) associative input method

(5) generally speaking, I/O device refers to

a) input and output device B) communication device

c) network device D) control device

(6"computer aided design" The English abbreviation of is

a) CAD b) cam C) CAE d) cat

(7) "Windows 98 is a multitasking operating system" refers to

a) windows can run a variety of different types of applications

b) windows can run multiple applications at the same time

c) windows can be used by multiple users at the same time

d) windows can manage a variety of resources at the same time

(8) in Windows 98, in order to view help information, The function keys that should be pressed are

a) F1 b) F2 C) F6 d) f10

(9) the Windows 98 taskbar cannot be set to

a) auto hide b) always at the bottom C) always at the top d) display the clock

(10) in Windows 98, the most direct way to open the last used document is

a) click the start button, and then point to the document

b) click the start button, Then point to "find"

c) click the "start" button, and then point to "collection"

d) click the "start" button, and then point to "program"

(1 leads to the continuous emergence of new materials, and puts forward higher requirements for fixture design. 1) continue to take basic materials as the core in Windows 98, The following description about adding hardware is correct:

A) open the "control panel" to add any hardware

b) add plug and play hardware must be set to "yes"? quot; Control panel "

c) add non plug and play hardware should use" control panel "

d) add any hardware should not use" control panel "

(12) in Windows 98 explorer, after selecting a file, the operation of opening the file properties dialog box is

a) click" file "→" attribute "B) click" "→" attribute "

c) click" view "→" attribute "d) click" tool "→" attribute "

(13) In Windows 98, in the following description about the setting of input method switching combination keys, the error is

A) you can set it to ctrl+shift b) you can set it to left alt+shift

C) you can set it to tab+shift d) you can not set the combination keys

(14) in word 97, select the "save as" command under the "file" menu, You can save the currently opened document as

a) TXT file type b) PPT file type

c) XLS file type D) bat file type

(15) in word 97 state, you only want to copy the contents of the selected text without copying the format of the selected text, Then you should

a) directly use the paste button B) select "" → "special paste" operation

c) select "" → "paste" operation d) press the right mouse button at the specified position

(16) in the state of word 97, you can change the indentation mode of the paragraph and adjust the left and right edges, which is the most intuitive The quick method is to use

A) menu bar b) toolbar C) format bar d) ruler

(17) the view that can see the column dividing effect in word 97 is

A) normal view b) online layout view

C) outline view d) page view

(18) in word 97 state, add the contents of another document to the current cursor of the current document, The operations that should be selected are

a) click "file" → "open" B) click "file" → "new"

c) click "insert" → "file" d) click "insert" → "hyperlink"

(19) in word 97 state, to set the spacing between selected text lines, The operations that should be selected are

a) click "" → "format" B) click "format" → "paragraph"

c) click "" → "paragraph" d) click "format" → "font"

(20) word 97 has very powerful search and replacement functions, and the following description is exactly

a) you can't specify the format of the search text, only the format of the replacement text can be specified

b) you can specify the format of the search text, However, you cannot specify the format of the replacement text

c) you cannot search and replace according to the format of the specified text

d) you can search and replace according to the format of the specified text

(21) in the state of word 97, set the selected Chinese and English characters to different fonts at the same time, You should use the "font" command under the "format" menu

a) "language" command under the "tools" menu

c) "spelling and grammar" command under the "tools" menu

d) "font" list box in the "format" toolbar

(22) the figure and text break through the industrial structure adjustment and key technical equipment constraints in the development of key industries. Mixing is one of the features of word 97, The error in the following description is

a) word 97 provides the function of adding text to closed graphics

b) word 97 provides the function of filling colors in closed graphics

c) word 97 can use color schemes in documents

d) word 97 can set backgrounds in documents

(23) in Excel 97 worksheets, windows can be split as needed, A worksheet can be divided into up to

a) 3 windows b) 4 windows

c) 5 windows d) any number of windows

(24) in the excel 97 worksheet, the cell address in the 11th row and 14th column can be expressed as

a) m drive safety 10 b) N10 C) M11 d) n11

(25) in ex

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