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National computer grade examination written test simulation questions 2

1. Multiple choice questions: (a total of 70 questions, 1 point for each question, the full score of 70 points. Among them, the questions are Chinese and English)

? Only one of the four options of the following questions a), b), c) and D) is correct. Please write the correct option in the corresponding position of the answer sheet

, and the answer on the test paper will not score

(1) the decimal value of binary number is ()

 a) 90 b) 88 C) 86 d) 92

 (2) generally, the result of the operand moving to the right by one bit is the original operand ()

 a) divide by 2 b) multiply by 2 c) divide by 4 d) multiply by 4

 (3) choose a correct () in the following statements

 a) the functions of cache are all realized by software

 b) the function of cache is to expand the memory capacity

 C) as many tracks as the hard disk has on the cylinder, there are as many read-write heads

 d) in the pipeline computer, when executing the conditional transfer command or interrupt the program, it will affect the efficiency of the pipeline

 (4) there are two hash functions H1 (k) = k mod 13 and H2 (k) = k mod 11 +.1, The hash table is t[0... 12], and the conflict is solved by the second

hash method. Function H1 is used to calculate the hash address. When a conflict occurs, H2 is used as the address increment to calculate the next

probe address. Suppose the status of the hash table at a certain time is:

<0 12 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10112




> the next key to be inserted is 42, and its insertion position should be ()

(a) 0 b) 1 c) 3 D) 4

(5) here is a Pascal program:

(for h:=1 to n-1 do begin

) (x:=a[h+1]


while (k =1) and (A[k] x) do begin






 assume that array a[1... N] is a group of random integers at the beginning of program execution. Which of the following answers best describes the program execution time in the worst case (the running time order has the greatest impact on pillar industries and major equipment of the national economy, and the automation control system, backbone field instruments and key precision testing instruments represent the industry level)? ( )。

(a) O (n log2n) b) O (n) C) O (log2n) d) O (N2)

(6) the post sequence of a binary tree is B, D, C, a, F, G, e, the symmetric sequence is a, B, C, D, e, F, G, then the pre sequence of the binary tree is ()

(a) e, G, F, a, C, D, b b) e, a, C, B, D, G, f

(c) e, a, G, C, F, B, d) e, G, a, C, D, F, B

(7) set the records to be sorted as (20, 16, 13, 14, 19), and sort these records through the following process,

<20 16131419

<16 20131419

<13 16201419



<14 162019


<14 16119 20

. The sorting method used is: ()

 a) direct insertion sort b) heap sort to enlarge the industrial linkage effect C) Hill sort d) two-way merge sort

 (8) if a binary tree has only leaf nodes and nodes with non empty left and right subtrees, let the number of leaf nodes be K, then the number of nodes with non empty left and right subtrees is ()

 a) 2K b) k-1 C) 2K -1 d) 2k-1

 (9) let the undirected tree t have 7 leaves, and the other vertex degrees are all 3, then there are () vertices with 3 degrees in t

(a) 3 b) 4 C) 5 d) 6

(10) let R and N represent real numbers, integers and natural number sets respectively, and define the functions F1, F2, f3.:


f2:N→N × N. F (n) =,

"f3:n → n, f (x) = (x) MOD3, the remainder of X divided by 3,

" then the following statement is correct ()

 a) F1 and F2 are single shot but not full shot, and the stress that the metal can bear is continuously reduced by decimal points

 b) F1 and F3 are both surjective functions

 C) F2 is bijective function

 d) the above statements are all wrong

 (11) formula (  xF(x)∨  yG(y)∧(F(u)→  The toe in normal form of ZH (z)) is ()

A)  x  y  z((┐F(x)∨G(y))∧(F(u)→H(z))

B)  x  y  z((┐F(x)∨G(y))∧(F(u)→H(z))

C)  x  y  z((┐F(x)∨G(y))∧(F(x)→H(z))

D)  x  y  Z ((∧ f (x) ∨ g (y)) ∧ (f (y) → H (z))

∨ (12) the digraph G is as follows. How many channels (including circuits) are there with length 4 in G? ( )。


" v1


" digraph g

"a) 6 B) 12 C) 24 d) 32

" (13) the following proposition is true ()

 I let a={a1, A2,... An} be the division of set a, if AI ∩ B ≠  (1 ≤ I ≤ n),

, then {{A1 ∩ B, A2 ∩ B,... An ∩ B}} is the division of set a

 II for any non empty set a, P (a) -{ } It can also form a division of A

 a) only Ⅰ b) only Ⅱ C) are true d) are not true

 (14) in the undirected graph below, what can be drawn in one stroke is ()


(15) the main purpose of the file system is ()



 a) shorten the time of accessing file memory

 b) realize file sharing

 C) save main memory space

 d) solve the problem of file name conflict between different users

 (18) the way of accessing data in stack memory is: ()

 a) first in first out B) random access C) first in last out d) different first three methods

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