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Zhenjiang Park of national digital publishing base awarded

on June 3, Zhenjiang Park of Jiangsu national digital publishing base officially awarded that the true stress s is obtained by dividing the instantaneous load of each point on the curve by the corresponding cross-sectional area of the sample, and the true strain ε Is the differential value D of the instantaneous specimen elongation ι And instantaneous sample length ι The integral of the ratio is obtained, that is, the card

in November last year, the park was approved by the General Administration of publishing of the people's Republic of China. Zhenjiang issued a number of policies to support the development of the digital publishing industry from the aspects of finance, taxation, investment and financing. At present, the park plans to cover an area of 1554 mu, with an investment of 8.068 billion yuan in the first phase of construction, and a total construction area of 1.2907 million square meters

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