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Paint and wallpaper compete for the market one after another. Who will dominate the ups and downs of wall materials in the future

thirty years ago, the walls of many families were broken, and newspapers were still pasted on them; Twenty years ago, the walls inside the house became neat and white beautifully; Ten years ago, the walls of different families had rich colors, just like colorful dreams; Now, many families begin to choose to lay charming wallpapers. Who will dominate the ups and downs of wallpaper, paint and wall materials in the future

wallpaper will replace latex paint

in China's wall decoration market, latex paint has always had an unshakable dominant position. In recent years, with the strong rise of wallpaper, its position has also been greatly impacted by the fact that extruded polystyrene board manufacturers should be realistic. Compared with the various advantages of wallpaper, wall paint is facing the fate of being gradually replaced by wallpaper. Zhang Weigang, general manager of Ruibao, a leading brand in the wallpaper industry, said, "Latex paint was a good thing in the past. It brought warmth and beauty to the home with its colorful colors, but people's pursuit of a high-quality and beautiful life never stopped. The diversity of wallpaper styles, high grade and the speed of pavement are unmatched by latex paint. In Europe and the United States, Japan, South Korea and other countries, the popularity of wallpaper is 70%-90%, far more than wall paint. But beauty can never be separated from health. With the development of science and technology With the development of, the environmental protection and durability of wallpaper materials have been continuously improved, and its quality and environmental protection performance have already surpassed that of latex paint. In order to better meet consumers' demand for environmental protection, Ruibao also launched a rubber powder that can absorb formaldehyde last year. "

paint and wallpaper compete for the market one after another. Who will dominate the ups and downs of wall materials in the future

due to various historical reasons, China's home wall has been the world of latex paint in the past decade or so. From the rapid growth of wallpaper sales in the past two years, it can be seen that wallpaper materials have been increasingly favored by consumers. We believe that the era of wallpaper for home decoration in China has begun. Wallpaper will no longer be a luxury home decoration material in China. She will enter the sample gap and collect thousands of households with special centering clamps or positioning rules to dress up more homes. For consumers, instead of choosing latex paint that is bound to be eliminated, it is better to choose wallpaper, the new favorite of the home decoration era, in one step

grade guarantee is in place in one step

today, with people's grades changing with each passing day, the introduction of high-quality products and independent originality are undoubtedly the two sharp weapons for wallpaper grade guarantee. Ruibao wallpaper marketing director said: environmental protection and quality assurance are the basic factors to consider when choosing products. In the future, more factories will be established. However, the characteristics of wallpaper products determine that people tend to pay more attention to chewing product design taste when choosing wallpaper. Ruibao has established stable business relations with leading wallpaper enterprises in Germany, Britain, the United States, Italy and other countries in the wallpaper business for more than ten years, screening and introducing 40 versions and 2000 styles of high-quality wallpaper products. At the same time, in 2008, Xiangyun series, the first self-developed product series, was launched in China's wallpaper industry, followed by time, Shengshi Huazhang, zunshang, stunning and other product series

has been recognized by the majority of consumers, and its sales volume ranks among the top. As the only original wallpaper in China, the wallpaper of trees and mountains in Shengshi Huazhang series was invited to participate in the 2010 Milan design exhibition and won the wallpaper project award

wallpaper highlights the quality of life

the improvement of living standards has made people pay more and more attention to the quality of life, and the products tested on the wall touch the friction performance of various industries. The testing paper has become a representative of highlighting the quality of life because of its integration of design, art and quality. Driven by excellent wallpaper and home furnishing enterprises that are forward-looking and pay attention to quality, it is believed that more high-quality home furnishing products with unique Chinese culture will emerge to further improve the quality of life of Chinese families

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