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Shanghai: unexplained burning of paint buckets

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Shanghai: unexplained burning of paint buckets

October 10, 2005

at 2:20 p.m. on October 9, 2005, a decoration worker accidentally ignited a bucket containing paint during construction on the 4th floor, No. 324, Yanchang middle road, The standard tensile sample was clamped on the material testing machine. When the worker intended to extinguish the burning paint bucket with water, the volatile gas detonated, causing a fire. When he pulled out a female worker who was going to the toilet, the fire severely burned two more people, and they had been sent to the hospital for first aid by 120

the fire occurred in the bathroom of the office being renovated by Shanghai Kailong Metallurgical Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. on the fourth floor. With the economic recovery, the energy conservation and pollution prevention tasks of the plastic granulator process are particularly urgent, and the tiles in the bathroom are blackened. According to insiders, at that time, a decoration team foreman somehow ignited the paint bucket with paint, and the foreman hurriedly ran to the bathroom with the bucket. After running to the bathroom, he planned to put out the fire with water. As a result, the water poured into the burning paint bucket and burst into flames, and the whole bathroom began to burn. After the fire was triggered, a female worker who was going to the toilet in the toilet called. When the foreman heard someone in the toilet, he immediately opened the door handle and pulled the female worker who went to the toilet out. As a result, both of them were burned

after the fire, the nearby workers immediately called the police, and the firefighters immediately put out the fire with yellow sand and water. It was learned from the hospital that the two people were not out of danger and were still being rescued. At present, the relevant departments are conducting further investigations into the matter. The fire department reminds that when chemicals catch fire, they should be extinguished with yellow sand or foam

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