The hottest paint also plays hat tricks

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Paint also plays "hat trick"

paint also plays "hat trick"

August 26, 2005

recently, three readers have received complaints in succession. They are from the same community. The complainants are Shanghai Jule construction and decoration company, and the reasons for the complaint are the same: this inclined impact testing machine is an ideal choice. The company is decorating four sets of residential water When the air enters the state (hydrolytic stability, anti emulsification, anti foaming, air release) room, the famous brand paint used is fake

Miss Ding in room 402 found that a large number of cracks appeared on the wall of the new house just a few days after completion, so she looked carefully at the remaining barrels of different types of paint after use, and felt that the packaging and printing were a little rough

sure enough, on May 18, the brand paint company identified a bucket of used paint sent by Miss Ding: "after the identification of relevant departments of our company, it is confirmed that the products mentioned in this identification certificate are not products produced by our company."

on May 28, Miss Ding found Jule company with the identification certificate. A project manager surnamed Chen of Jule company and the paint supplier denied that the identified paint was provided by them. In the afternoon of the same day, the general manager of the company brought a group of people to Miss Ding's home. After the paint supplier confirmed it, he stamped the four Jinan testing machine analysis and classification five barrels of paint left in Miss Ding's home, and asked her to take these barrels for identification

On May 30, the new appraisal report came out: it's false again! However, when Miss Ding came again with the new identification report, the previously polite boss pointed out that Miss Ding was a fraud, so angry that Miss Ding had to call the 110 police to end

Mr. Ma in Room 201 also encountered the same problem. He sent the paint for inspection and got the following identification: "the consumer Ma contacted our company on June 24, 2005 and asked for on-site authenticity identification of the products he purchased. After on-site identification by the personnel of relevant departments of our company, it was confirmed that the products mentioned in this identification certificate were not products produced by our company and had no anti-counterfeiting marks"

mr. Shao's paint in rooms 601 and 401 was also identified as false paint

soon contacted Jule company, who presented two copies of coating "product quality certificate", but the product batch number was different from that of the coating submitted by the owner for inspection. It seems that this paint has played a "hat trick". How the trick is played is only known by the people involved

how to identify true and false coatings

after receiving the complaint, I visited the identification unit, that is, the counterfeit coating company. The technicians of the company and the staff of the anti counterfeiting office were interviewed

: if there is doubt about paint, how should consumers retain evidence

Mr. Xu, director of technical support: as far as the current technical conditions are concerned, we can only identify the paint that has not been painted on the wall, so consumers should keep some of the paint. Of course, consumers should pay attention to collecting evidence to prove that the paint submitted for inspection is the paint painted on the wall

: general consumers do not have the technical equipment and professional knowledge for identification. Is there an intuitive and simple identification method

Mr. Zhu, intellectual property director: it mainly depends on the label paper on the paint barrel. There are two bar codes on the paper. The 16 digit number is called random code, and each bucket is different. The 13 digit code is called the national standard code, and the paint produced in the same batch uses the same national standard code. The counterfeiter copies a real label to make a fake label, and the random code of each barrel is the same. In addition, under the irradiation of purple light, there are sections of metal wires and miniature company names on the right side of the label paper

: what kind of interest drive do counterfeiters have

Mr. Zhu, director of intellectual property rights: the raw materials of many brand paints are purchased from abroad. They are bright in color, strong in covering power, and can't add any ingredients harmful to human body. Naturally, the cost is high, and the price is also high. The 5-liter coating is about 300 yuan. The cost of general coatings is only between 100 yuan. The profits are amazing. If consumers buy paint in small building materials stores that are not authorized by the manufacturer, it may be several yuan cheaper per barrel, but the risk of buying fake goods is high. Because our company has after-sales outlets all over the country, people should be vigilant and suspicious because it is much cheaper, so fake sellers will not make much profit

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