The hottest PACKAGING2006 will be held in Beijing

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PACKAGING2006 China International processing and packaging machinery and equipment industry exhibition will be held in Beijing next April, and will be held at China International Exhibition Center in Beijing from April 18 to 20, 2006

PACKAGING2006 will be a super comprehensive exhibition in China's leading processing and packaging industry. The exhibition will bring together global packaging industry giants to display the latest processing and packaging machinery, packaging materials and containers, packaging innovation solutions and related products in the fields of food, medicine, beverages and daily chemicals. At the same time, it can also be used for rapid adjustment of experimental space solutions when empty, At the same time, all kinds of information and market trends from the manufacturing process of a modular system with mixed injection molding and metal components developed by cikoni engineers to the final packaging products will be comprehensively displayed. Packaging 2006 is jointly hosted by China Packaging Federation and Shanghai Lihua International Exhibition Co., Ltd. with the organizer's rich industry experience and successful professional exhibition experience, as well as the full support of various industry associations and professional media at home and abroad, this exhibition will become the largest and influential professional exhibition in China's packaging industry. At the same time, packaging 2006, as the most important information and exchange platform in China's packaging industry, will also provide a full range of innovative value-added services for VIP exhibitors and packaging users

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