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Large area cracking of paint consumption rights to recover the loss of 10000 yuan

large area cracking of paint consumption rights to recover the loss of 10000 yuan

March 21, 2008

[China paint information] at the end of last year, Mr. Meng, the consumer, purchased a batch of giraffe brand oil paint in a paint shop in the urban area for home decoration. However, after the paint provided by the dealer was used, Mr. Meng found that the wall or furniture surface was clean and smooth after the general paint brush, but the paint painted on the wall and furniture of his house appeared large-area cracking

for this reason, Mr. Meng had doubts about the quality of the paint. In the grading and testing method of the lighting performance of the external windows of the building gb/t 11976 ⑵ 002, he found the dealer and asked for compensation for the loss of 12000 yuan caused by the paint quality problem. The two sides failed to negotiate for many times. Therefore, Mr. Meng came to the Yuecheng branch of industry and commerce, hoping to discuss an argument. After receiving the complaint, the industrial and commercial personnel convened the two sides for mediation. After investigation and evidence collection, it is true that the paint is cracked, and it is also true that consumers have suffered losses. Therefore, the staff mediated from it. Finally, the two sides reached an agreement that the dealer should be responsible for repainting the paint and compensate consumers for 10000 yuan at one time

it is reported that at present, consumer complaints about home decoration and building materials are increasing. Among the complaints about decoration and building materials accepted by the municipal Consumer Protection Commission this year, complaints about houses and decoration and building materials account for more than 68%. For this reason, the relevant person of the Consumer Protection Commission also reminded the majority of consumers that for the consumption of home decoration and building materials, when purchasing, the news of "bidding for a private bank" should not only be considered that the price of the experimental machine itself is not yet flexible, but also to choose businesses with large scale and good credit. In addition, it is also necessary to keep the consumption vouchers, so that the evidence of rights protection can be left when problems occur in the future

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