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Coating and coating workers need to work with certificates in 2006

coating and coating workers need to work with certificates in 2006

March 2, 2005

recently, the Fujian municipal Construction Bureau and the municipal labor and Social Security Bureau jointly issued a document requiring the city's construction industry paint workers to have a certified employment rate of 50% by the end of this year, 80% next year, and more than 95% the following year. According to the information from Fujian Coating Association, there are about 31000 painters in Fuzhou at present, of which less than 1% are trained and certified by professional institutions, and only 283 are licensed. In addition, nearly 80% of the 400 decoration companies in the city have no fixed skilled workers, and they actually employ "guerrillas". Secretary General Zhang of the Association believes that: "This has brought major hidden dangers to the whole industry. Without formal training and identification, guerrilla 13. power supply voltage: 220V. The painters in the decoration market have mixed skills, and the owners have no reference standards when selecting painters. When there are problems, it is difficult for the owners to recover the losses, and they can only blame themselves for 'looking away'. And the technicians with poor skills often obtain projects through low prices, which is also an important reason for a large number of low-quality projects Reason. "

in view of the above phenomenon, the relevant person of the municipal vocational skill appraisal coordination group said that the painter appraisal work will be carried out in the form of compulsory appraisal and voluntary training. According to incomplete statistics, the appraisers can directly sign up for appraisal without participating in centralized training. The appraisal and assessment method is mainly to assess the actual operation ability and construction results of construction painters. At the same time, preferential charges will be given to painters who participate in training and appraisal within the year

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