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The competition of paint dealers is reasonable to seize the market from details

the competition of paint dealers is reasonable to seize the market from details

February 22, 2016

[China paint information] with the acceleration of the development process of the paint industry, the market competition is fierce, and the importance of dealers is self-evident for the development of paint enterprises. Coating enterprises also make the market of recycled plastic granulator more and more optimistic, and pay more attention to terminal dealers. Provide training, policy support, on-site guidance, etc. to help enterprises lay a good foundation at the grass-roots level and enhance their competitiveness

details 1. Powerful new product planning. On the one hand, new products are products that have just been introduced to the market, on the other hand, products that are not available in the regional market, which can make consumers see bright in front of them, and whose prices are not comparable with those of the same kind, can be called new products. Otherwise, if someone else already has a product and you just launched it, you can't call it a new product. In short, in terms of marketing, new products can bring premium space and high rate of return for market sales, and paint dealers should keep up with the pace in time

detail 2. Brush the sense of existence. The sense of existence is that this part of consumer demand shows rigidity, which is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, so that everyone is used to your existence, so that when you use paint, you will think of you and the brand you represent at the first time. For example, you can take photos and send them to friends' circles, forums, etc. without selling the paint, or the painted photos of customers are the best publicity weapons. You should brush out your own "sense of existence", so that people around you can remember not only selling goods, but also being able to sell goods all the time. This is how the hot selling atmosphere comes. It is important to spread positive energy. This energy will in turn add points to you when the export situation is in jeopardy, which will produce a agglomeration effect

detail 3. Skillfully use entertainment. The power of entertainment is huge and easy to be accepted by people. Paint dealers can share some photos or videos with strong entertainment to their circle of friends, Weibo or post them to attract the eyes of friends, and also promote their own brands. There are many means of entertainment. These products can be energy-saving, safe, do not destroy the ozone layer and have a very low potential of global warming. Large investment can also be made in small quantities. The key is heart

detail 4. Replace "small profit" with "big profit". What exactly do consumers want to buy? Of course, buy products! So the product is the core, so we have to be different and buy something. However, there is also a "small 99" hidden in the heart of consumers, that is, "the excitement of extra profits", which inspires it, and the seller kicks in with a kick at the door. In this way, you can easily exchange "small profits" for "big profits"

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