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Paint and coating certification mantianfei

paint and coating certification mantianfei

November 1, 2005

at present, the 3C certification of solvent based wood coatings has been officially implemented. Relevant products that have not passed 3C certification will not continue to be sold. Recently, Mr. Xu, who was decorating his new house, originally thought that the purchase of wood paint only depends on whether the product has 3C certification. He didn't expect that various certifications were flying all over the building materials market. Some product packaging boxes were printed with up to 7 certification marks, and its authority was difficult to be trusted

various certifications fly all over the sky

in a building materials market, a merchant sells up to 9 kinds of local paint certificates. In addition to 3C, China environmental label and other well-known certifications, there are also certificates such as chemical dangerous goods qualification, national first-class quality supervision organization, national fire control product qualification assessment center, international standard certification, China environmental protection products, China Quality Alliance CTA and so on

-- realize the transformation from the industrial development and expansion period to the industrial maturity period. The shopkeeper said while looking for it, "these certificates are sent from the factory. There are too many. Many of them have been sent to consumers, and I can't figure out some of them myself."

on another foreign paint packaging box, in addition to 3C, China environmental label products, China type III environmental label certificate, ISO and other relevant certification marks, there is also the institutional mark of a certification body. The store owner said, "we are all doing certification marks now. We don't want to lose money. The factory may also take this to 'top up'."

among the nearly 20 paint and coating stores visited, some paint brands with high reputation did not have miscellaneous certification, and 3C and China environmental labeling products are the more common two types of certification. And some products with low market popularity are trying to decorate their appearance with various certificates

certification cannot be generalized

the most common environmental protection certification in the paint and coating industry is all kinds of "pendulum rapidly falling back to green"

a paint dealer said that 3C certification is a must for peers, and some environmental certification can intuitively win the trust of customers. After all, now decoration households are more and more concerned about the environmental performance of paint and coating products. As long as the certification is related to environmental protection, there are many followers in the paint and coating industry

relevant experts from the national chemical building materials quality supervision and inspection center believe that consumers should consider whether these certifications really solve the problems in the purchase process. It is obviously unscientific to judge the quality of brands only by the number of certification certificates

Li chupai, director of the conformity assessment and supervision department of Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of quality supervision, said that solvent based wood coatings, except for 3C, are voluntary certification, including product certification, management system certification, and service certification. Different certification focuses on different aspects, which cannot be generalized as the advantages and disadvantages of brands or products

it is reported that ISO9001 and ISO14001, which are highly recognized by the public, belong to management system certification, while environmental protection and 3C belong to product certification. At present, service certification has not appeared in China

Li chupai believes that 3C certification is a sign of market access, and consumers of products with this basic requirement can buy with confidence in time, safety and reliability, and "Shihuan" (China environmental labeling products) is a certification with a high degree of recognition in the paint industry at present

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