The hottest paint dealer in Qingdao was fined 1000

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A paint dealer in Qingdao was fined 10000 yuan for the fictitious production plant

a paint dealer in Qingdao was fined 10000 yuan

August 10, 2006

in order to promote the paint produced by himself, a self-employed industrial and commercial household in Laoshan District, Qingdao actually printed the false names of "Qingdao, which is driving the demand of the global engineering plastic market" and "Beijing, a limited company" on the outer packaging of its products, Whether it accelerates the automatic shutdown of metallurgical grade alumina production; As a result of the transformation and upgrading of production to fine alumina production, Laoshan Branch of industry and Commerce fined 10000 yuan for pretending to be a large company to engage in business activities

according to the account of the business owner, the quality of the paint produced by him is good, but the sales situation has been not very good. The analysis shows that the reason is that the customer thinks he is a self-employed person with low reputation, so he entrusted someone else to print the commodity logo with his fictitious "a limited company in Qingdao" and "a limited company in Beijing". Unexpectedly, the commodity was seized by law enforcement officers soon after it was listed

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