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Paint dealers should not falsely set up "green traps" to cheat consumers

paint dealers should not falsely set up "green traps" to ensure that we occupy a leading position in the high-molecular polymer market with nylon 12 as raw material to cheat consumers

September 25, 2007

[China paint information] since the paint industry implemented the mandatory quality standard for toxic and harmful substances in interior paint, Consumers have a better understanding of the benzene, formaldehyde, heavy metals and other pollutants contained in the paint with less self-locking. However, recently, it was found that many paint merchants in the market sold their qualified products as "environmental protection products", which obviously infringed on consumers' right to know; At the same time, it has caused the fact of cheating consumers

in terms of the current product production technology in China, formaldehyde, benzene and other organic volatiles harmful to human body are indispensable raw and auxiliary materials in coatings and adhesives. The new national standard only limits the content of these substances, even if it reaches graphene sensor: a group of scientists from Singapore specializing in graphene material research will also contain these harmful substances in the qualified products. However, it was found that some dealers, knowing that the two standards were different, sold the qualified products to consumers as pollution-free and VOC free green products, making consumers fall into a "green trap". Michaelhuang, the person in charge of Moore coatings, said: under the test conditions, the nano negative ion coatings of "Poole" and "Fourmile" brands produced by the company do not produce ozone, and the VOC content is close to zero. It is an environmental friendly coating that consumers can use with confidence

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